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Updated April 2007
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HIV/AIDS in France
Population, 201363,900,000
People living with HIV/AIDS, 2012nd
Women (aged 15+) with HIV/AIDS, 2012nd
Children with HIV/AIDS, 2012nd
Adult HIV prevalence (%), 2012nd
AIDS deaths, 2012nd
nd = No data
Source: Population Reference Bureau & UNAIDS
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HIV/AIDS-Specific Country Profiles
UNGASS 2008 Country Progress Report
Reports progress made in implementing the UN Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. The report includes summary indicator data through the end of 2007. In French. [PDF, 110K]
Health and Development Profiles
CIA World Factbook
Extensive data over a range of fields, including geography, population, government, the economy, the military, and communications.
Population Reference Bureau Country Profile
Key demographic, health, and development indicators, selected reports and articles, and links.
UNICEF Country Tables
Statistics in the areas of population, mortality, general and reproductive health, and education.
WHO Country Profile
Links to tables containing general health indicators, country profiles on specific diseases, and selected health-related documents. Also in Spanish and French.
National Organizations
Ministry of Health, France
National AIDS Council
Actions Traitments
Provides information about treatment for people living with HIV/AIDS.
Dessine-moi un Mouton
Works to preserve the balance of children's, adolescents', and families' lives when they are concerned with HIV through linking them with counseling and treatment services.
Ensemble Luttons Contre le Sida en Afrique
Provides a forum in which associations and partners can develop and coordinate initiatives, support and exchanges between anti-AIDS associations in Africa and France.
Ensemble pour une Solidarité Thérapeutique Hospitalière En Réseau (ESTHER)
Network facilitates the exchange of expertise and experience in treating HIV/AIDS by promoting partnerships between French hospitals and healthcare facilities in developing countries.
A collective of researchers, care providers and organizations fighting AIDS through research, prevention, and support.
Sida Info Service
A free nation-wide hotline and website providing information on AIDS, HIV infection, STIs and hepatitis.
Sol En Si
Supports and provides guidance to children and families affected by HIV/AIDS, both in France and in Africa.
Solidarité Thérapeutique et Initiatives Contre le Sida (Solthis)
A medical association dedicated to the care of HIV/AIDS patients.
HIV/AIDS Web Sites
ACT UP Paris
Organization promotes universal access to HIV/AIDS medications through community mobilization. This French-language site features critical analyses of the recent international HIV/AIDS conferences.
Agence Nationale de Recherches sur le Sida
The French National Agency for AIDS. A research organization working against HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C. French-language website.
The first AIDS-prevention organization in France, AIDES continues to promote HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment. French-language site features information on regional campaigns and numerous related links.
Contains resources and links to information about prevention, discrimination, HIV training, and public relations.
Ressources et informations sur le VIH/sida, les hépatites, l'éducation à la vie affective et sexuelle, les infections sexuellement transmissibles, les drogues, les dépendances, et les conduites à risque chez les jeunes.
Étudiants Contre le Sida
Students against AIDS.
INSERM- French Institute of Health and Medical Research
INSERM conducts biological, cognitive, and medical research to improve public health services. Site available in French and English, with links to press releases, workshops, and scientific publications.