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Orphans & Affected Families: Related Resources
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Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support Toolkit
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Family Health International, 2006. An electronic library of resources for use by organizations and individuals working with orphans and other vulnerable children.
Related Knowledge Base Chapters
Community-Based Care in the Developing World
Primary Care of Infants and Children with HIV
Journal Articles
A novel economic intervention to reduce HIV risks among school-going AIDS orphans in rural Uganda
Ssewamala FM, Alicea S, Bannon WM Jr, Ismayilova L. J Adolesc Health 2008 Jan;42(1):102-4. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Factors associated with institutionalization of children orphaned by AIDS in a population-based survey in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Doring M, Franca Junior I, Stella IM. AIDS 2005 Oct;19 Suppl 4:S59-63.
The incidence and prevalence of orphanhood associated with parental HIV infection: a population-based study in Rakai, Uganda.
Makumbi FE, Gray RH, Serwadda D, Nalugoda F, Kiddugavu M, Sewankambo NK, Wabwire-Mangen F, Wawer MJ. AIDS 2005 Oct 14;19(15):1669-76.
Psychological distress among AIDS orphans in rural Uganda.
Atwine B, Cantor-Graae E, Bajunirwe F. Soc Sci Med 2005 Aug;61(3):555-64.
Assessing the health status of young AIDS and other orphans in Kampala, Uganda
Sarker M, Neckermann C, Müller O. Trop Med Int Health 2005 Mar;10(3):210-5.
Orphan care in Malawi: current practices.
Beard BJ. J Community Health Nurs 2005;22(2):105-15.
Public policies and the orphans of AIDS in Africa
Bhargava A, Bigombe B. BMJ 2003 21 June; 326:1387-1389.
Guidelines and Best Practices
Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children Programming Guidance
The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), July 2006.
Guide to Monitoring and Evaluation of the National Response for Children Orphaned and Made Vulnerable By HIV/AIDS
UNICEF, UNAIDS, USAID, February 2005. [PDF, 694K]
Guidelines for Counselling Children Who Are Infected with HIV or Affected by HIV and AIDS
Southern African AIDS Training Programme (SAT), January 2003. [PDF, 351K] .
Building Blocks: Africa-Wide Briefing Notes
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, January 2003. A set of locally adaptable resources to help communities and local organizations in Africa support children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS. The series is also available in Portuguese, French, Shona, and Ndebele.
bullet.gifSee also the adaptations Pathways for Children (in Khmer) and Let's Create a Rainbow (in Hindi) intended for use in Cambodia and India.
How Can We Help? Approaches to Community-Based Care
Child Protection Society, Zimbabwe, July 1999. [PDF, 224K]
Policy Reports, Papers, and Briefs
The State of the World's Children 2007 - Women and Children: The Double Dividend
UNICEF, December 2006.
Africa's Orphaned and Vulnerable Generations: Children Affected by AIDS
UNICEF, August 2006. [PDF, 1.1MB]
HIV Prevention with Especially Vulnerable Young People - Case Studies of Success and Innovation
Thomas Coram Research Unit, University of London, May 2006. [PDF, 2.0MB]
Missing Mothers: Meeting the Needs of Children Affected by AIDS
Save the Children, 2006. [PDF, 226K]
The State of the World's Children 2006 - Excluded and Invisible
UNICEF, December 2005.
The Lost Children of AIDS
Helen Epstein. The New York Review of Books, November 3, 2005.
Education and Nutritional Status of Orphans and Children of HIV-Infected Parents in Kenya
Vinod Mishra, Fred Arnold, Fredrick Otieno, Anne Cross, Rathavuth Hong. MEASURE Evaluation, August 2005. [PDF, 389K]
Adolescents: Orphaned and Vulnerable in the Time of HIV/AIDS
Claudia Ruland, William Finger, Nancy Williamson, Sharifah Tahir, Stephanie Savariaud, Ana-Maria Schweitzer, Kathleen Shears. YouthNet, Partners in Reproductive Health and HIV Prevention, Family Health International, August 2005. [PDF, 341K]
Violence against Children Affected by HIV/AIDS: A Case Study of Uganda
Leanne McGaw, Amboka Wameyo. World Vision International, June 2005. [PDF, 595K]
Psychosocial Support for Children
Horizons Report, Population Council, June 2005.
The Well-Being of Children Affected by HIV/AIDS in Lusaka, Zambia and Gitarama Province, Rwanda: Findings from a Study
Minki Chatterji, Leanne Dougherty, Tom Ventimiglia, Yvonne Mulenga, Andrew Jones, Antoinette Mukaneza, Nancy Murray, Kathy Buek, William Winfrey, Joseph Amon. Pact, April 2005.
HIV/AIDS: What About Very Young Children?
Alison Dunn. Bernard van Leer Foundation, March 2005. [PDF, 2MB]
"Our Hearts are Willing, But..." Challenges of Elderly Caregivers in Rural Kenya
Milka Juma, Tom Okeyo, George Kidenda. Horizons/Population Council, December 2004. [PDF, 118K]
Girls, HIV/AIDS and Education
UNICEF, December 2004. [PDF, 1.6MB]
Symposium on Sharing of Best Practice in Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programming Workshop Report
UK Consortium on AIDS & International Development, Orphans and Vulnerable Children Working Group, November 2004. [PDF, 267K]
Children on the Brink 2004: A Joint Report on Orphan Estimates and a Framework for Action
UNAIDS, UNICEF, USAID, July 2004. [PDF, 6.3MB]
A Family is for a Lifetime: A Discussion of the Need for Family Care for Children Impacted by HIV/AIDS
Jan Williamson. The Synergy Project, USAID, March 2004. [PDF, 294K]
Sub-National Distribution and Situation of Orphans: An Analysis of the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief Focus Countries
Florence Nyangara. USAID, March 2004. [PDF, 5MB]
Breaking the Silence: Memory Books and Succession Planning - The Experience of NACWOLA and Save the Children UK in Uganda
Sophie Witter. Save the Children UK, 2004. [PDF, 884K]
Reaching Out to Africa's Orphans: A Framework for Public Action
Kalanidhi Subbarao, Diane Coury. The World Bank, 2004. [PDF, 2.3MB]
Family and Community Interventions for Children Affected by AIDS
Linda Richter, Julie Manegold, Riashnee Pather. Human Sciences Research Council, 2004.
Addressing the Educational Needs of Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Tania Boler, Kate Carroll. ActionAid International, Save the Children Fund, December 2003. [PDF, 231K]
Children's Participation in HIV/AIDS Programming
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, December 2002. [PDF, 502K]
Understanding Community Responses to the Situation of Children Affected by AIDS: Lessons for External Agencies
Geoff Foster, draft paper prepared for the UNRISD project HIV/AIDS and Development, March 2002. [PDF, 539K]
"We Will Bury Ourselves": A Study of Child-Headed Households on Commerical Farms in Zimbabwe
Lynn Walker. Farm Orphan Support Trust of Zimbabwe, 2002. [PDF, 515K]
Social Protection of Africa's Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children: Issues and Good Practice Program Options
K. Subbarao, Angel Mattimore, and Kathrin Plangemann. The World Bank, August 2001. [PDF, 316K]
Investing in Our Future: Psychosocial Support for Children Affected by HIV/AIDS--A Case Study in Zimbabwe and the United Republic of Tanzania
UNAIDS, July 2001. [PDF, 710K].
Making a Difference for Children Affected by AIDS: Baseline Findings from Operations Research in Uganda
Laelia Zoe Gilborn, Rebecca Nyonyintono, Robert Kabumbuli, and Gabriel Jagwe-Wadda. Horizons Project/Population Council, June 2001. [PDF, 564K]
Expanding and Strengthening Community Action: A Study of Ways to Scale Up Community Mobilization Interventions to Mitigate the Effect of HIV/AIDS on Children and Families
Stanley Ngalazu Phiri, Geoff Foster, and Masauso Nzima. Displaced Children and Orphans Fund, USAID, March 2001. [PDF, 468K]
Microfinance and HIV/AIDS: It's Time to Talk
Jill Donahue, Displaced Children & Orphans Fund and War Victims Fund, USAID, November 2000. [PDF, 143K]
AIDS, Public Policy and Child Well-Being
Giovanni Andrea Cornia, Ed. UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre (IRC), n.d. A regularly-updated collection of HIV/AIDS policy documents.
Research Summaries
Orphanhood and the Long-Run Impact on Children
Kathleen Beegle, Joachim De Weerdt, Stefan Dercon. World Bank, September 2005. [PDF, 144K]
Education and Nutritional Status of Orphans and Children of HIV-Infected Parents in Kenya
Vinod Mishra, Fred Arnold, Fredrick Otieno, Anne Cross, Rathavuth Hong. MEASURE DHS, August 2005. [PDF, 389K]
Provider Education and Training
Follow-Up Care and Treatment for the HIV-Exposed or HIV-Infected Child
Arthur Ammann, Sahai Burrowes. In: Prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV in Resource-Limited Settings: A Training Course. UCSF Center for HIV Information, February 2006.
HIV/AIDS and Children's Migration: A Training Manual for Community Workers
Nicola Ansell, Lorraine Young. Brunel University, 2004. [PDF, 612K]
The Rights of Children and Youth Infected and Affected by HIV/AIDS: Trainers' Handbook
Ann Strode, Kitty Barrett Grant, Save the Children UK, July 2003. [PDF, 701K]
Program Management Materials
Orphans and Vulnerable Children Support Toolkit
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, Family Health International, 2006. An electronic library of resources for use by organizations and individuals working with orphans and other vulnerable children.
The OVC Toolkit for SSA: A Toolkit on How to Support Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) - Second Edition
The World Bank, August 2005. Also available in French.
HIV in Schools: Good Practice Guide to Supporting Children Infected or Affected by HIV
Magda Conway. National Children's Bureau, 2005. [PDF, 122K]
Conducting a Participatory Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Affected by HIV/AIDS: Guidelines and Tools
Renee DeMarco. Family Health International, April 2005. [PDF, 1.9MB] Also available in French. [PDF, 977K]
Conducting a Situation Analysis of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Affected by HIV/AIDS
John Williamson, Adrienne Cox, Beverly Johnston. USAID, February 2004. [PDF, 837K]
A Parrot on Your Shoulder: A Guide for People Starting to Work With Orphans and Vulnerable Children
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, 2004. [PDF, 1.3MB]
So You Want to Consult with Children? A Toolkit of Good Practice
Save the Children, November 2003. [PDF, 767K] Also available in Spanish and French.
Child Needs Assessment Tool Kit
Task Force for Child Survival and Development, The World Bank, March 2002.
Building Resilience in Children Affected by HIV/AIDS
Silke-Andrea Mallmann. Catholic AIDS Action, 2003. [PDF, 4.5MB]
Mechanisms for Channeling Resources to Grassroots Groups Protecting and Assisting Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children
John Williamson, Mark Lorey, and Geoff Foster. Displaced Children and Orphans Fund of USAID and Family AIDS Caring Trust, Zimbabwe, September 20, 2001. [Word, 94K]
AIDS Orphans Education Trust
NGO based in Jinja, Uganda, that works to provide formal and/or vocational education to AIDS orphans.
Children Affected by AIDS Foundation
Grantmaking organization that funds projects designed to make a difference in the lives of children infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS, primarily in the United States. Includes orphan initiatives.
Children in Need Network
Consortium of over 70 NGOs, CBOs, and government departments working with children in need in Zambia.
CINDI-Children in Distress
Informal consortium of NGOs based in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, advocating for children affected by AIDS.
The Firelight Foundation
Provides small, one-year grants to grassroots, community-based projects directly supporting the fundamental needs and rights of children orphaned or affected by HIV/AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa.
The Orphan Project: Families and Children in the HIV Epidemic
U.S.-based nonprofit organization that develops collaborative work with direct service providers and family members. Works in New York City, with organizations in other regions, and maintains a focus on global issues relating to orphans of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the developing world.
Population Council
Council's Horizons Project focuses on global operations research on HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and care and undertakes studies and issues reports regarding children affected by AIDS.
Rainbow Children
Based in Germany; supports projects for needy children in South Africa, including children with AIDS. [German]
Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative for Children Affected by AIDS (REPSSI)
A five-year project aimed at improving psychosocial assistance for children affected by HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa.
Save the Children (UK)
Programs support families affected by HIV/AIDS and assist communities to care for children living with and/or orphaned by HIV/AIDS.
Street Kids International
Works directly with local agencies in Asia, Africa, and Latin America to encourage children living on the streets to find healthier and more rewarding ways to earn a living; to support children in starting their own small businesses; and to provide front-line workers with ideas, tools, and training.
Includes publications on children affected by HIV/AIDS and country-level educational interventions.
Includes publications and links related to AIDS orphans.
World Bank, Early Child Development
Includes numerous links to organizations and publications related to children and caregivers affected by HIV/AIDS.