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Treatment Interruption of Antiretroviral Therapy: Related Resources
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Related Knowledge Base Chapters
Primary Care of Patients with HIV Infection
Journal Articles
Treatment interruption in a primary care antiretroviral therapy program in South Africa: cohort analysis of trends and risk factors
Kranzer K, Lewis JJ, Ford N, Zeinecker J, Orrell C, Lawn SD, Bekker LG, Wood R. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2010 Nov 1;55(3):e17-23. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Characteristics of and outcomes in HIV-infected patients who return to care after loss to follow-up
Ndiaye B, Ould-Kaci K, Salleron J, et al. AIDS. 2009 Jun 15.
CD4+ Count-Guided Interruption of Antiretroviral Treatment
The Strategies for Management of Antiretroviral Therapy (SMART) Study Group, El-Sadr WM, Lundgren JD, Neaton JD, Gordin F, Abrams D, Arduino RC, Babiker A, Burman W, Clumeck N, Cohen CJ, Cohn D, Cooper D, Darbyshire J, Emery S, Fatkenheuer G, Gazzard B, Grund B, Hoy J, Klingman K, Losso M, Markowitz N, Neuhaus J, Phillips A, Rappoport C. N Engl J Med. 2006 Nov 30;355(22):2283-96.
Randomized, Controlled Trial of Therapy Interruption in Chronic HIV-1 Infection
Papasavvas E, Kostman JR, Mounzer K, Grant RM, Gross R, Gallo C, Azzoni L, Foulkes A, Thiel B, Pistilli M, Mackiewicz A, Shull J, Montaner LJ. PLoS Med. 2004 Dec;1(3):e64.
Influence of prior structured treatment interruptions on the length of time without antiretroviral treatment in chronically HIV-infected subjects
Molto J, Ruiz L, Romeu J, Martinez-Picado J, Negredo E, Tural C, Sirera G, Clotet B. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2004 Dec;20(12):1283-8.
Limited Durability of Viral Control Following Treated Acute HIV Infection
Kaufmann DE, Lichterfeld M, Altfeld M, Addo MM, Johnston MN, Lee PK, Wagner BS, Kalife ET, Strick D, Rosenberg ES, Walker BD. PLoS Med. 2004 Nov;1(2):e36.
bullet.gifReconsidering Early HIV Treatment and Supervised Treatment Interruptions
Richard A. Koup. PLoS Med. 2004 Nov;1(2):e41. Perspective - Commentary on the clinical practice or public health implications of the PLoS Journal article Limited Durability of Viral Control Following Treated Acute HIV Infection.
Conference Reports and Proceedings
Controversies in HIV Therapeutics - Use of Structured Treatment Interruptions in Primary Infections
Cal Cohen. The Body Covers: 41st Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC 2001), December 16, 2001.
Online Books and Chapters
Structured Treatment Interruption
National AIDS Manual, Aidsmap treatment and care sections detailing the risks and benefits of 'drug holidays'.
Newsletter Articles
Where Do Strategic Treatment Interruptions Fit in the Management of HIV Infection?
W. Keith Henry. Topics in HIV Medicine, International AIDS Society-USA, July/August 2002. [PDF, 44K]
Key Updates from Recent Research Conferences: Structured Treatment Interruption, Intermittent Treatment Strategies, and New Drugs in Development
Constance A. Benson. Topics in HIV Medicine, International AIDS Society-USA, December 2001.
Patient and Community Education
Treatment Interruptions
National AIDS Manual, An Aidsmap patient information fact sheet, January 2005.
Strategies and Goals for Attempting Structured Treatment Interruptions
Project Inform, January 2005.
Treatment Interruptions
New Mexico AIDS InfoNet, May 2004.