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Dual Therapy for HIV Infection: Ready for Prime Time?
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Dual Therapy for HIV Infection: Ready for Prime Time?
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Case: 48-Yr-Old Man With HIV Infection and Multiple Medical Problems
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Case: Laboratory Analysis
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Which NRTI combination would you recommend?
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Which other agents would you use in the regimen?
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Goals of Antiretroviral Therapy: UNAIDS Fasttrack Targets
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Rationale for Dual Therapy
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NRTI Sparing Regimens frequently 2D: Comparison of Guidelines
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A word about monotherapy
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Dual Therapy: Issues in study design of RCTs
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For which of the following 2D combos is there proven non-inferiority to 3D in ARV naive?
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2D demonstrating noninferiority vs 3D in well-powered ARV Naïve Trials?
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NEAT 001/ANRS 143: DRV/r + RAL vs. DRV/r + TDF/FTC in ARV Naïve Pts
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NEAT-001: Viral Suppression and Primary Endpoint
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RAL + DRV/r met criteria for non-inferiority
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GARDEL: Study Design
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GARDEL: Results
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DRV/r + MVC inferior to DRV/r + 2 NRTI in treatment naïve pts: MODERN
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Switch to 2D in Suppressed Patients
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SALT: Two-Drug Maintenance with ATV/r + 3TC
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SALT: Switch to ATV/r + 3TC OR 2 NRTIs after virologic suppression ≥ 6 months
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OLE: subjects suppressed on 2N + LPV/r > 6 mos: randomized to 3TC + LPV/r vs continuation of 3D
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PROBE: switch to RPV + DRV/r vs. continue 2N + PI/r in suppressed pts.
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HARNESS: Two-Drug Maintenance with ATV/r + RAL vs. TDF/FTC
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CBV and RPV LA Nanosuspensions
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LATTE-1: cabotegravir + rilpivirine as maintenance therapy
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LATTE-1: Cabotegravir (GSK1265744) + RPV as Maintenance ART: Wk 96 Results
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LATTE-1 Study: Results and Conclusions
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LATTE-2: Cabotegravir IM + Rilpivirine IM for Long-Acting Maintenance ART
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LATTE-2: Maintenance Wk 32 Virologic Efficacy (ITT-Maintenance Exposed)
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LATTE-2: Safety data through wk 32
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LATTE-2: Wk 32 Pt Satisfaction With Maintenance Therapy vs Oral Induction
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Novel Approaches: 3TC + DOL, DOL Monotherapy
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Why DOL + 3TC or DOL monotherapy?
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PADDLE: Dolutegravir + Lamivudine in Treatment-Naive Pts
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PADDLE: All Pts Virologically Suppressed by Wk 8 of DOL + 3TC
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Slope of HIV RNA Decline in PADDLE
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Dolutegravir Monotherapy
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Cost effectiveness may be most important benefit of 2D regimens
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DT: Future Trials of Interest
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Conclusions: Potential Promise of Dual Therapy
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Potential Limitations and Risks of DT
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Thank you for your attention
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