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HIV Infection, Antiretrovirals and Bone Disease
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HIV Infection, Antiretrovirals and Bone Disease
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HIV and Bone: Key Topics
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HIV and Bone: Key Topics, Continued
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Fracture Prevalence and HIV Infection
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What Is Bone?
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Normal Bone Remodeling Sequence
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Metabolism and Function of Vitamin D
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Pathophysiology of Osteoporosis: Overview
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Unbalanced Remodeling
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Bone Loss
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Microarchitectural Deterioration in Osteoporosis
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Bone Density: Major Determinant of Fracture Risk
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Pathogenesis of Osteoporosis
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DXA Spine
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DXA Interpretation
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WHO Bone Density Criteria
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Bone Densitometry: Caveats
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Risk Factors for Fracture: Beyond Age + T-score
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Calculating Absolute Fracture Risk: FRAX®
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HIV and Bone
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Reduced BMD in HIV+ Individuals
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Many Potential Contributors to Decreased BMD in Patients With HIV
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Bone Densitometry in HIV Patients: IDSA Guidelines
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Initiation of ART Is Associated With BMD Loss of ~2% to ~6% Through 96 Weeks
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A5224s: Mean (95% CI) Percent Change in Hip and Spine BMD (ITT)
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Management of BMD
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Objective of Intervention
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Evaluate for Other Causes of Bone Loss, Especially Those That Are Serious or Correctable
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Evaluation Of The Patient With Low BMD
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Laboratory Test Table
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Importance of 24-hour Urine Calcium
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NOF Guidelines: Treatment Initiation in Postmenopausal Women and Men ≥50
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Treatment Summary
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Non-Pharmacological Options
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Institute of Medicine Recommendations and Response
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National Osteoporosis Foundation and AACE Recommendations
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Studies of Calcium and Vitamin D Supplements
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Correction of Vitamin D Deficiency
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Calcium and Vitamin D Summary
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FDA-Approved Therapeutic Options: Postmenopausal Women
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Normal Coupling of Bone Remodeling
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Antiresorptive Treatment: Summary
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Anti-resorptive Agents: Clinical Trial Results
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ACTG 5163: Effect of Alendronate on BMD in HIV-Infected Patients
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Effect of Zoledronic Acid on BMD in HIV+ Men
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