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PrEP in 2011: Results from the iPrEx Study and Discussion of the Public Health Implications
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A Pill a Day To Keep HIV Away
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The HIV Pandemic
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HIV Prevention Methods with Demonstrated Efficacy in MSM
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MSM Have 19.3 Higher Odds of HIV Infection
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Why Tenofovir and/or Emtricitabine?
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Monkey Studies at CDC Repeated Rectal SHIV Exposure
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PrEP Initiative/Inciativa PrEx
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The iPrEx Study
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Participants: 2,499
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4,905 Screened
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Infections at Enrollment
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Baseline Characteristics of the Participants, According to Study Group
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Efficacy (MITT) 44% (15-63%) Infection Numbers: 64 - 36 = 28 averted
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Summary: Efficacy of Oral FTC/TDF PrEP
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Sampling for Case Control Study
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Drug Detection is Highly Concordant
Slide 16.
Drug Detection by HIV Status in the FTC/TDF Group
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Drug Detection by HIV Status by Unprotected Receptive Anal Intercourse (URAI)
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Drug Level and Decreased HIV Risk Ratio
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Drug Levels
Slide 20.
Plasma HIV Level
Slide 21.
Drug Resistance
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Adverse Events
Slide 	23.
Adverse Events
Slide 24.
Sexual Partners
Slide 25.
Condom Use with High Risk Sex
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Conclusions: Efficacy
Slide 27.
Conclusions: Safety
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Open Label Extension
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Slide 30.
Factors Favoring Cost Effective Implementation
Slide 31.
Factors not Favoring Cost Effectiveness
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After iPrEx: Implications for Public Health in San Francisco
Slide 35.
Given Efficacy, What is Potential PrEP Effectiveness?
Slide 36.
Ethical Allocation of Preexposure HIV Prophylaxis
Slide 37.
iPrEx: Number Needed to Treat Compared with Other Health Interventions
Slide 38.
SF: An Ideal Setting for PrEP Roll-out
Slide 39.
Lessons Learned from PEP
Slide 40.
A Framework for PrEP Implementation
Slide 41.
SF PrEP Demonstration Project
Slide 42.
Combination Prevention
Slide 43.
How Many MSM Would Qualify for PrEP in SF?
Slide 44.
Awareness of iPrEx PrEP Results
Slide 45.
Willingness to Use PrEP
Slide 46.
Potential for Risk Compensation or Behavioral Disinhibition
Slide 47.
Potential Increases in Risk Behavior and Change in Cumulative Infections as a Function of PrEP Effectiveness
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Theoretical Concerns about Behavior Should Not Preclude PrEP Demonstration Projects...
Slide 49.
PrEP Demonstration Project:Challenges
Slide 50.
Modeling the Impact of HIV Chemoprophylaxis Strategies among Men Who Have Sex with Men in the United States: HIV Infections Prevented and Cost-effectiveness
Slide 51.
SFDPH Comprehensive System of HIV Prevention and Care
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