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14th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections
February 25-28, 2007 Los Angeles, CA

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Summaries of Selected Presentations
Susa Coffey, MD, HIV InSite Medical Editor
Center for HIV Information, University of California San Francisco
The CCR5 Antagonist Maraviroc in Treatment-Experienced Patients
Raltegravir Proves Potent and Tolerable in Patients with Extensive Drug Resistance
Oliver Bacon, MD, MPH, HIV InSite Medical Editor
Center for HIV Information, University of California San Francisco
Early Antiretroviral Therapy in Highly Immunocompromised Patients Coinfected with HIV and Tuberculosis: Much Immune Reconstitution Disease, but Perhaps Fewer Deaths?
Claire Townsend, MSc
Centre for Paediatric Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Institute of Child Health, University College London
Pregnancy and Mother-to-Child Transmission
Elise Arrivé, MD; Valériane Leroy, MD
Unité INSERM 593, Equipe VIH Afrique, Institut de Santé Publique, Epidémiologie et Développement (ISPED), Université Victor Segalen, Bordeaux, France
Overview: Balancing Infant Feeding Options
Claire Thorne, MD
University College London
Antiretroviral Treatment of Infected Children in Resource-Limited Settings
Elise Arrivé, MD
Unité INSERM 593, Equipe VIH Afrique, Institut de Santé Publique, Epidémiologie et Développement (ISPED), Université Victor Segalen, Bordeaux, France
Single-Dose Nevirapine to Prevent Mother-to-Child Transmission: What Is New?
Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Monday, February 26, 2007
Sunday, February 25, 2007
News from CROI on ARVs in Development
CROI: New NNRTI, TMC278, Demonstrates Sustained Potency, Better CNS and Lipid Profile than Efavirenz, in Treatment-Naive
Aidsmap, 3/2/07.
CROI: Maraviroc Shows Potent Effect in Highly Treatment-Experienced
Aidsmap, 2/28/07.
CROI: Integrase Inhibitor Raltegravir (MK-0518) Doubles HIV Suppression in Treatment-Experienced Patients at 16 Weeks
Aidsmap, 2/28/07.
News from CROI on Antiretroviral Therapy
CROI: High Rate of Virologic Failure on Once-Daily Combination of 3TC, Tenofovir and Nevirapine
Aidsmap, 3/8/07.
CROI: Once Daily Kaletra May Be Less Effective When Viral Load Above 100,000 Copies/mL
Aidsmap, 3/2/07.
CROI: Anti-HBV Drug Entecavir Also Active Against HIV and Promotes Antiretroviral Resistance
Aidsmap, 3/1/07.
CROI: Effects of Transmitted Drug Resistance on Viral Load are Drug Class Specific
Aidsmap, 3/1/07.
CROI: Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis Reduces Risk of Death by 41% During First Six Months of ART
Aidsmap, 2/28/07.
CROI: Efavirenz-based ART More Effective than Nevirapine-Based ART as First-Line Therapy in Southern Africa
Aidsmap, 2/27/07.
Double-Dose Tenofovir Effective Against NRTI-Resistant HIV
Reuters Health/Medscape [registration req'd], 2/26/07.
CROI: Kaletra Less Likely to Cause Fat Loss than Efavirenz When Paired with NRTIs
Aidsmap, 2/28/07.
CROI: MSF Reports Good Responses on PI-Based Second-Line ART Regimens Even Though Switch from Failing Regimens Comes Late
Aidsmap, 2/27/07.
CROI: HIV Treatment Should Not Be Delayed in TB Patients with Low CD4 Counts, South African Study Shows
Aidsmap, 2/28/07.
News from CROI on Women & Children
CROI: Use of Both Cotrimoxazole and Insecticide-Treated Bednets Dramatically Lowers the Risk of Malaria in HIV-Positive Children
Aidsmap, 3/7/07.
CROI: Therapeutic Concentrations of Efavirenz, Kaletra, Could Be Difficult to Achieve in Some Children, With or Without Rifampicin
Aidsmap, 3/7/07.
CROI: Aciclovir Therapy for Women with HIV and Herpes Produces Modest Reductions in Genital Viral Load
Aidsmap, 3/5/07.
CROI: Four African Studies Suggest Health Risks Associated with Abrupt and Early Weaning of HIV-Exposed Infants
Aidsmap, 3/5/07.
CROI: Early Weaning and Formula Feeding Puts HIV-Exposed Infants in Resource Limited Settings at High Risk of Severe Diarrhoea and Death
Aidsmap, 3/2/07.
CROI: Further Evidence That Short-Course PMTCT Prophylaxis Compromises Mother's Future Treatment
Aidsmap, 3/1/07.
S.F. Scientists Find Way to Halt Malaria in Kids
San Francisco Chronicle, 2/28/07.
CROI: Women Infected with HIV Subtype D Progress Faster Despite Same Viral Load
Aidsmap, 2/28/07.
Researchers Urge Mothers in Botswana to Breast-Feed
San Francisco Chronicle, 2/27/07.
News from CROI on HIV-Related Side Effects and Conditions
CROI: High Dietary Fat and Cholesterol Contribute to Serum Lipid Levels in People with HIV
Aidsmap, 3/9/07.
CROI: Smoking Increases Cancer-Associated HPV Viral Load
Aidsmap, 3/4/07.
CROI: Recent OIs or AIDS Strongest Predictors of Development of Resistance in South African First-Line Failures Aidsmap, 3/2/07.
CROI: Rate of CD4 Decline is a Poor Guide to the Risk of AIDS, Say Investigators
Aidsmap, 3/2/07.
CROI: Ugandan Study Confirms Low CD4 Count, Low Body Weight, TB and Anaemia Major Risk Factors for Death After Starting ART
Aidsmap, 3/1/07.
CROI: Non-AIDS Malignancies Now More Common than AIDS-Defining Cancers in People with HIV
Aidsmap, 2/28/07.
CROI: Growth Hormone Stimulant TH9507 Safe and Effective in HIV Lipodystrophy
Aidsmap, 2/27/07.
CROI: SMART Analysis Reveals Slightly Elevated Risk of Cardiovascular Disease in People Who Interrupt Therapy
Aidsmap, 2/27/07.
CROI: Lower CD4 Count on HIV Treatment Predicts Higher Risk of Cancers, Liver, Kidney, Cardiovascular Disease
Aidsmap, 2/27/07.
CROI: Alendronate Effectively Treats Bone Loss in Men and Women with HIV
Aidsmap, 2/27/07.
CROI: Urgent Action Needed to Avert 'Catastrophic' Drug-Resistant TB Epidemic
Aidsmap, 2/26/07.
News from CROI on Epidemiology & Transmission
CROI: Sexually Transmitted Infections Significantly Increase Risk of Drug-Resistant HIV Transmission
Aidsmap, 3/7/07.
CROI: SMART Substudy Finds People on Treatment Less Likely to Transmit HIV, and May Take Fewer Risks
Aidsmap, 3/4/07.
CROI: HIV Testing in New York's Bath Houses is Feasible and Reaches Men Missed by Traditional Prevention
Aidsmap, 3/3/07.
CROI: Haiti is the Source of HIV Subtype B
Aidsmap, 3/2/07.
Study: Coming Out Doesn't Equal More Sex
The Advocate, 3/2/07.
CROI: Sexual Transmission of HCV Not Limited to HIV-Positive Gay Men
Aidsmap, 3/1/07.
CROI: Tenofovir Microbicide Stops Rectal Infection in Monkeys Better than PrEP
Aidsmap, 2/27/07.