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CDC: High HIV Rate among Transgender Women, and 'More Likely' among Black Transgender Women
CNS News, 05/26/2016.
Large-Scale HIV Vaccine Trial to Begin in South Africa
Standard Digital, 05/19/2016.
New Map Reveals HIV Risk Greatest in Southern Cities for Gay, Bisexual Men in U.S.
ABC News, 05/18/2016.
Does Having HIV Affect Response to Hepatitis C Treatment?
Aidsmap, 05/17/2016.
Scientists Just Set Their Sights on a New Target for a HIV Vaccine
Science Alert, 05/16/2016.
Government Updates HIV Policy to Allow ARV Treatment for All South Africans
Times Live, 05/10/2016.
High Prevalence of Geriatric Conditions in HIV-Positive Patients Aged over 50 in San Francisco
Aidsmap, 05/06/2016.
Hepatitis C Deaths Hit All-Time High in United States
CNN, 05/05/2016.
The Affordable Care Act and People with HIV: An Update
Kaiser Family Foundation, 05/04/2016.
HIV-Infected Organs Transplant Success in UK
BBC, 05/05/2016.
U.S. Anti-AIDS Abstinence Efforts in Africa Fail to Prevent HIV
Scientific American, 05/04/2016.
Should a Friend Have Been Told That His Date Was HIV Positive?
New York Times, 04/28/2016.
Dementia in HIV Patients -- HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorder, or Alzheimer's?
MedPage Today, 04/28/2016.
A Single Injection of Antibodies Protected Monkeys from HIV for Nearly 6 Months
Verge, 04/28/2016.
People Who Are HIV Positive May Be Aging Faster Than Their Peers
NPR, 04/26/2016.
Fight against HIV Far from Over in West and Central Africa
Doctors without Borders, 04/20/2016.
Implementation of the ACA for People with HIV
Kaiser Family Foundation, 04/20/2016.
Sofosbuvir/Velpatasvir Cures HCV in 95% of People with HCV and HIV Coinfection
AIDSmap, 04/19/2016.
First Diagnosed Case of Alzheimer Disease in HIV-Positive Individual Reported
Medical Xpress, 04/15/2016.
Combined HIV and Hepatitis C Virus Vaccination a Possibility
Science Daily, 04/14/2016.
HIV Fights Off CRISPR Gene-Editing Attack
Scientific American, 04/08/2016.
New Tool Launched to Improve HIV Prevention Programmes for Transgender People
United Nations Development Programme, 04/06/2016.
The Graying of HIV: 1 in 6 New U.S. Cases Are People Older Than 50
Washington Post, 04/06/2016.
Gilead's New HIV Drug Descovy Gets FDA Approval
Drug Store News, 04/05/2016.
HIV Edited Out of T Cells Using CRISPR
BioNews, 04/04/2016.
World's First Transplant of HIV-Positive Liver a Success
STAT, 03/30/2016.
Louisiana Prisons' Failure to Treat HIV Could Violate Human Rights, Report Says
Guardian, 03/30/2016.
Starting HIV Therapy Associated with Improvements in Liver Function, Especially When Viral Load Is Suppressed
Aidsmap, 03/17/2016.
HIV and Hepatitis C Coinfect Over 2 Million People Worldwide
Medical News Today, 03/09/2016.
National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day -- March 10, 03/07/2016.
START Study Shows That People Starting HIV Treatment Earlier Have Better Quality of Life
AIDSmap, 03/07/2016.
Women Need More Truvada Than Men to Prevent HIV Infection, Study Finds
UPI, 03/04/2016.
FDA Approves Single-Tablet Regimen Odefsey
Managed Care, 03/04/2016.
Uganda's Failure to Spend Global Fund Grants Denies Thousands HIV Treatment
Guardian, 03/02/2016.
Your Lifetime Risk of HIV by Race, State, and Sexual Preference -- in 4 Simple Charts
Washington Post, 02/29/2016.
Life Expectancy in HIV-Positive People in the U.S. Still Lags 13 Years behind HIV-Negative People
Washington Post, 02/29/2016.
Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections
Highlights from CROI 2016; Boston, 02/26/2016.
First Case of HIV Contraction While Taking PrEP Is Documented
AOL News, 02/26/2016.
CDC: 1 in 2 Black Gay Men Will Be Diagnosed with HIV
USA Today, 02/23/2016.
Vaginal Ring Protects Women from HIV--When They Use It
NBC News, 02/23/2016.
Dying from a Treatable Disease: HIV and the Men We Neglect
World Post, 02/23/2016.
Sex, Syringes, and the HIV Epidemic Russia Can No Longer Ignore
Guardian, 02/19/2016.
'Let's Talk about PrEP' Targets Black Women for HIV Prevention
NBC News, 02/17/2016.
The Underreported Epidemic of HIV among U.S. Women
Healthline, 02/12/2016.
Key Ugandan HIV Control Body under Pressure to Close, Activists Object
Thompson Reuters Foundation, 02/11/2016.
Johns Hopkins Approved to Perform HIV-Positive to HIV-Positive Organ Transplants
CNN, 02/09/2016.
CDC: Black Americans with HIV Still Less Likely to Get Ongoing Medical Care
U.S. News and World Report, 02/05/2016.
Vaginal Ring Trial Results a Big Draw at HIV Meeting
Medscape, 02/12/2016.
Even Moderate Alcohol Intake May Harm People with HIV
Medical Xpress, 02/03/2016.
Different Approaches to Drug Policy and the Asian HIV Epidemic
BioMed Central, 02/02/2016.
HIV Strains Becoming Resistant to Key Antiretroviral Drug Tenofovir
Tech Times, 01/29/2016.
Gilead Faces Fights over Hepatitis C and HIV Drugs
New York Times, 01/27/2016.
Opt-Out Screening Can Improve Acceptance of HIV Testing
Medscape, 01/21/2016.
HIV PrEP Drug Truvada as Safe as Aspirin, Study Finds
UPI, 01/21/2016.
At-Risk Teens Aren't Getting HIV Tests, CDC Says
NBC News, 01/20/2016.
Daily HIV Pill for Men 'Would Prevent 10,000 New Cases in UK by 2020'
Telegraph, 01/14/2016.
Antibody Infusion Successfully Combats HIV in Early Trial
AIDSmeds, 01/12/2016.
3 Moves Could Cut New HIV Cases Dramatically: Study
U.S. News and World Report, 01/07/2016.
FDA Approves New Treatment for HIV
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 01/05/2016.
The City at the Heart of the Philippines' HIV Epidemic
The Atlantic, 01/05/2016.
HIV Salvage Regimens Can Safely Omit NRTIs, Says U.S. Study
Aidsmap, 01/04/2016.
Norwegian Biotech Company Flags Evidence for Efficacy of 'Kick and Kill' HIV Treatment
GenomeWeb, 12/21/2015.
NIH Earmarks $3M to Study Epigenomic Regulation in HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse
GenomeWeb, 12/16/2015.
There's a Drug That Prevents HIV. Let's Use It
TIME, 11/16/2015.
Not Enough Needle Exchange Programs Outside Cities: Study
U.S. News, 12/10/2015.
Why Are So Many Black Women Dying of AIDS?
New York Times, 12/12/2015.
Drug Resistance Acquired during HIV PrEP Rapidly Disappears after Medication Is Discontinued
Aidsmap, 12/14/2015.
Grazoprevir/Elbasvir Cures More Than 90% of People with HIV/HCV Coinfection
Aidsmap, 12/11/2015.
Annual HIV Diagnoses Down 19% over the Past Decade
Washington Post, 12/07/2015.
HIV Infection Rates 2015: For Gay Black Men, New Diagnoses May Have Plateaued
International Business Times, 12/07/2015.
Life Insurance Company to Offer Coverage for HIV Patients
Tech Times, 12/03/2015.
On World AIDS Day, Report on Black Community Still Grim
Huffington Post, 12/02/2015.
World AIDS Day: The Fight against HIV/AIDS Explained in 9 Infographics
Irish Examiner, 12/01/2015.
8 Dangerous HIV Myths Debunked by the Experts
CNN, 12/01/2015.
$20 Million Grant from amfAR Funds Institute for HIV Cure Research
UCSF News Center, 11/30/2015.
Rise in HIV among China's Youth Draws Attention for World AIDS Day
New York Times, 11/30/2015.
CDC Recommends PrEP for Americans at High Risk for HIV
Newsweek, 11/24/2015.
With Millions on HIV Treatment, AIDS Pandemic Tide Turns
Huffington Post, 11/24/2015.
Progress toward Preventing HIV Highlighted in Special Issue of AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
EurekAlert, 11/19/2015.
Alcoholism Drug Can 'Wake Up' Dormant HIV to Be Killed, Study Finds
Reuters, 11/18/2015.
In Kenya, Improving Food Security and HIV Outcomes through Farming
Scientific American, 11/12/2015.
Are Bans on Blood Donations from Gay Men Outdated or Necessary?
Newsweek, 11/09/2015.
FDA OKs Gilead's Genvoya, First HIV Combo Pill with New Tenofovir
AIDSmeds, 11/05/2015.
Stigma Keeps Many Gay Latinos Off HIV Prevention Pill
NPR, 11/05/2015.
HIV Vaccine Trials Set to Start within 5 Years
Tech Times, 11/05/2015.
1 Injection Every 8 Weeks Works as well as 3 Daily HIV Pills, according to Trial
Huffington Post, 11/03/2015.
$2.2 Billion Awarded to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program
Tech Times, 11/02/2015.
Dating Apps Could 'Start an Explosion of HIV,' Expert Warns
Huffington Post UK, 11/02/2015.
Deaths from TB Globally Outnumber HIV/AIDS, Says WHO Report
Wall Street Journal, 10/29/2015.
Drug Enforcement vs AIDS Treatment Issue Hits United Nations
New York Times, 10/27/2015.
FDA Warns of Safety Risk with AbbVie Drugs for Patients with Advanced Liver Disease
U.S. News & World Report, 10/23/2015.
Competitor to Offer $1 Pill after Turing Price Hike Outrage
NBC News, 10/23/2015.
Gilead's New HIV Drug Shows Lower Side Effects over Longer Term
Reuters, 10/22/2015.
Simplified Antiretrovirals Outperform Typical HIV Treatment
Medscape, 10/20/2015.
Cambodian Doctor on Trial for Infecting More Than 100 with HIV
ABC News, 10/20/2015.
Studies Continue to Support Tenofovir Alafenamide Combination Pill as It Nears U.S. Approval
AIDSmap, 10/19/2015.
A New AIDS Vaccine Is About to Be Trialled in Humans for the First Time
Science Alert, 10/14/2015.
HIV Drugs Provide Added Benefit of Protecting against Hepatitis B Virus
Medical Xpress, 10/12/2015.
Coverage under Affordable Care Act Improves Chances of Viral Suppression for Americans with HIV
AIDSmap, 10/12/2015.
Uganda's Test-and-Treat HIV Program Hauls in Fishermen of Lake Victoria
The Guardian, 10/07/2015.
San Francisco Is Changing Face of AIDS Treatment
New York Times, 10/06/2015.
Youth, HIV, and the Ryan White Program, 10/06/2015.
Videos Reveal How HIV Spreads in Real Time
Medical Xpress, 10/02/2015.