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New Data Support Switch to Single-Tablet Darunavir-Based Regimen for HIV Treatment
Specialty Pharmacy Times, 08/03/2018.
HIV May Double Risk of Heart Attack, Researchers Say
UPI, 07/31/2018.
U.S. NIAID Director Says HIV Remission Free of Antiretroviral Therapy Is a Feasible Goal
National Institutes of Health [press release], 07/25/2018.
Every 3 Minutes, a Teenage Girl Is Infected with HIV: UNICEF
UNICEF, 07/25/2018.
IAS-USA Releases 2018 Guidelines for HIV Treatment and Prevention
Contagion Live, 07/24/2018.
People on Effective HIV Treatment Don't Pass the Virus to Sexual Partners
Aidsmap, 07/24/2018.
UNAIDS Warns That Progress Is Slowing and Time Is Running Out to Reach the 2020 HIV Targets
UNAIDS, 07/19/2018.
Janssen Announces U.S. FDA Approval of New 4-in-1 Combo Pill for Treatment of HIV
Market Watch, 07/18/2018.
To Pay for Separation of Immigrant Children, the Trump Administration Seeks to Raid Ryan White HIV Care Programs
The Body, 07/16/2018.
An Experimental HIV Vaccine Has Been Trialled in Humans with Promising Results
Science Alert, 07/09/2018.
HIV Testing Underutilized and Infrequently Offered
MD Magazine, 07/06/2018.
Rising Cost of PrEP to Prevent HIV Infection Pushes It out of Reach for Many
NPR, 07/02/2018.
Indonesia's Crackdown on LGBT Rights Is Fueling an HIV Epidemic, Rights Group Warns
Time, 07/02/2018.
Why Nigeria, Russia, Florida Have Worst HIV/AIDS Indices
Guardian, 06/28/2018.
Most Doctors Would Give HIV Prevention Drugs to Teens
Reuters, 06/26/2018.