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Brazil Fights HIV Spike in Youths with Free Preventive Drug
New York Times, 12/12/2017.
270,000 Nigerian Children Living with HIV--UNICEF
Daily Post, 12/07/2017.
Fighting the HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the South
U.S. News & World Report, 12/07/2017.
World AIDS Day: I Have HIV and I'll Work to End This Epidemic until I No Longer Can
USA Today, 12/01/2017.
Why This AIDS Champion Is Conflicted about World AIDS Day
NPR, 12/01/2017.
Rising HIV Infections Spreading by Sex among Youth in Iran
ABC News, 11/29/2017.
U.S. HIV Diagnoses Improving, but Progress Varies: CDC
Reuters, 11/29/2017.
In U.S. Prisons, Women Are 9 Times More Likely to Be HIV-Positive
Nation, 11/27/2017.
New HIV Guidelines Outline Prevention Strategies for High-Risk Populations in Canada
EurekAlert, 11/27/2017.
From Erasure to Opportunity: a Qualitative Study of the Experiences of Transgender Men around Pregnancy and Recommendations for Providers
BMC, 11/21/2017.
FDA Approves First 2-Drug Regimen for Certain Patients with HIV
PR Newswire, 11/21/2017.
UNAIDS Announces Nearly 21 Million People Living with HIV Now on Treatment
UNAIDS [press release], 11/20/2017.
Chinese University Offers HIV Test Kits via Vending Machine
South China Morning Post, 11/15/2017.