Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Prevention in Developing Countries

HIV InSite Knowledge Base Chapter
Published September 2002
Elliot Marseille, DrPH, MPP, University of California San Francisco
Stephen F. Morin, PhD, University of California San Francisco
Chris Collins, MPP, Progressive Health Partners
Todd Summers, Progressive Health Partners
Thomas J. Coates, PhD, University of California San Francisco
James G. Kahn, MD, MPH, University of California San Francisco

Table 1. Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Prevention Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa

Intervention Population


Cost per Disability-Adjusted Life-Year (DALY)

Cost per Case Averted

Study Country



Female sex workersSexually transmitted disease control & condom promotion<US$1US$8-US$12Kenya



GeneralSexually transmitted disease controlUS$13US$350Tanzania



GeneralVoluntary counseling and testingOverall:
US$12.77 (Kenya)
US$17.78 (Tanzania)HIV+ male as couple:
US$2.75 (Kenya)
US$4.48 (Tanzania)HIV+ female as couple:
US$3.38 (Kenya)
US$2.96 (Tanzania)
US$249 (Kenya)
US$346 (Tanzania)HIV+ male as couple:
US$54 (Kenya)
US$87 (Tanzania)HIV+ female as couple:
US$68 (Kenya)
US$58 (Tanzania)



Female sex workersFemale condom promotionSavings to health payerSavings to health payerSouth Africa



GeneralSafe blood supplyUS$8US$172Uganda



(30% HIV prev., 15% HIV prev.)
Mother-to-child transmissionUS$11-US$19US$298-US$506Uganda



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