HIV InSite will be back in 2022.

HIV InSite is offline temporarily while we clean house and move to more stable technology. We apologize to our regular users and promise to be back as soon as we are able. Honestly, we didn't plan to go offline, but our 15 year-old system finally crashed.

All of us who care for people with HIV are excited about the prospect of "getting to zero" or shutting down the epidemic by bringing prevention and care tools to people and communities who need and deserve them. 

This website's original mission was to share the perspectives of the experienced clinicians at San Francisco General Hospital's Ward 86, especially in areas not covered by established guidelines. And while there are many more credible information sources today than there were in 1997 when we first went online, clinicians still face gray areas and judgement calls. When we return, we will reflect that core priority with a much more limited--but no less valuable--content scope.

Until we return, these go-to resources cover most HIV treatment and prevention topics for community and professionals:

  • HIV Prevention: Practical information on safe sex, PrEP, and related topics from the CDC.
  • HIV Treatment: Guidelines from national expert panels for clinicians and fact sheets for people with HIV.