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  1. How to Tell Patients They Have (or Do Not Have) HIV: Related Resources

    Updates, journal articles, guidelines, reports, research summaries, links, and other resources
    Content reviewed May 2012

  2. 5th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment, and Prevention

    Conference presentation
    July 19-22, 2009, Cape Town, South Africa

  3. How do I protect myself?

    Frequently asked questions and answers about HIV/AIDS prevention, transmission, and treatment
    August 3, 2011
    Protecting yourself against HIV is about knowledge. Understanding how you get (and avoid getting) HIV, and knowing yourself and your partner (or partners), are key to protecting yourself against HIV.

  4. HIV InSite Interview with Marcus A. Conant, MD

    What were you doing when the epidemic started (the early 1980s)?

  5. Fact Sheets: Complications (Opportunistic Infections & Malignancies, Symptoms, and Side Effects)

    January 2007
    Patient-oriented clinical fact sheets on HIV disease are produced by numerous agencies and organizations. HIV InSite has indexed fact sheets available in English, French, and Spanish by topic, so that...

  6. 14th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections

    Conference presentation
    February 25-28, 2007 Los Angeles, CA

  7. A pilot intervention to increase condom use and HIV testing and counseling among men who have sex with men in Anhui, China

    Global Health Sciences Literature Digest
    August 30, 2010

  8. U=U in PARTNER2 study of MSM

    HIV Meds Updates provides brief information and analysis about new findings related to common therapies used by HIV clinicians
    Susa Coffey, MD, HIV InSite Medical Editor
    PARTNER1, whose results were reported last year,(1) was one of the studies that supported current efforts to promote the growing scientific consensus supporting "Treatment as Prevention"...

  9. Latinos and HIV: Cultural Issues in AIDS Prevention

    Barbara Van Oss Marín, PhD, University of California San Francisco; Cynthia A. Gómez, PhD, University of California San Francisco
    November 1998
    HIV and AIDS have become major threats in the Latino community, a community that has been disadvantaged even prior to AIDS due to minority status, economic disparities, and language barriers. HIV presents...

  10. How to Tell Patients They Have (or Do Not Have) HIV

    HIV InSite Knowledge Base Chapter
    February 2004
    Paul A. Volberding, MD, University of California San Francisco
    The almost limitless diversity of physician experience and attitudes, as well as variability from patient to patient in prognosis and social setting, makes the title of this chapter seem at first glance...

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