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United Kingdom
Updated March 2007
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HIV/AIDS in United Kingdom
Population, 201364,100,000
People living with HIV/AIDS, 2012nd
Women (aged 15+) with HIV/AIDS, 2012nd
Children with HIV/AIDS, 2012nd
Adult HIV prevalence (%), 2012nd
AIDS deaths, 2012nd
nd = No data
Source: Population Reference Bureau & UNAIDS
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HIV/AIDS-Specific Country Profiles
UNAIDS Country Profile
A brief summary of national socioeconomic conditions in the context of the HIV epidemic, and information (where available) on UNAIDS' country-level activities.
UNGASS 2008 Country Progress Report
Reports progress made in implementing the UN Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. The report includes summary indicator data through the end of 2007. [PDF, 53K]
UNAIDS/WHO Epidemiological Fact Sheet
Statistics on the prevalence and incidence of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and discussion of knowledge and behaviors related to HIV transmission. 2008. [PDF, 579K]
Health and Development Profiles
CIA World Factbook
Extensive data over a range of fields, including geography, population, government, the economy, the military, and communications.
Population Reference Bureau Country Profile
Key demographic, health, and development indicators, selected reports and articles, and links.
UNICEF Country Tables
Statistics in the areas of population, mortality, general and reproductive health, and education.
WHO Country Profile
Links to tables containing general health indicators, country profiles on specific diseases, and selected health-related documents. Also in Spanish and French.
Guidelines and Best Practices
British HIV Association Guidelines for the Treatment of HIV-Infected Adults with Antiretroviral Therapy
British HIV Association, 2008.
Standards for HIV Clinical Care
British HIV Association, March 2007. [PDF, 1.8MB]
UK Guidelines for the Management of Sexual and Reproductive Health of People Living with HIV
Produced jointly by the British HIV Association (BHIVA), the British Association for Sexual Health & HIV (BASHH) and the Faculty of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care, August 2008. [PDF, 305K]
Northern Ireland Guidelines for Antenatal, Intrapartum and Postpartum Care of HIV Positive Women and Management of the HIV-Exposed Infant
Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, December 2007. [PDF, 221K]
United Kingdom National Guidelines on HIV Testing 2008
Prepared jointly by the British HIV Association (BHIVA), and the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV British Infection Society (BASHH), 2008.
HIV Infected Health Care Workers: Guidance on Management and Patient Notification
U.K. Department of Health, February 8, 2007.
Management of HIV Infection in Pregnant Women
British HIV Association, 2008.
British HIV Association Guidelines on HIV Associated Malignancies
British HIV Association, 2008.
Surveys and Assessments
HIV/AIDS Surveillance in Europe 2007
WHO/Europe and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). 2008.
Infections Among Injecting Drug Users in the United Kingdom 2007
Health Protection Agency, October 2008. [PDF, 455K]
A Complex Picture -- HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections in the United Kingdom: 2006
Health Protection Agency, November 2006.
Mapping the Issues: HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections in the United Kingdom: 2005
Health Protection Agency, 2005. [PDF, 4.8MB]
Policy Reports and Papers
Department of Health Action Plan: HIV Related Stigma and Discrimination
Department of Health, December 2005. [PDF, 264K]
Journal Articles
UK Guideline for the Use of Post-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV Following Sexual Exposure
Fisher M, Benn P, Evans B, Pozniak A, Jones M, MacLean S, Davidson O, Summerside J, Hawkins D. International Journal of STD & AIDS 2006;17:81–92. [PDF 175K]
News Stories
HIV Prevalence Amongst IDUs in England and Wales at Highest Level Since 1992
Edwin Bernard. Aidsmap, March 17, 2006.
Sexual Health of UK Gay and Bisexual Men Rapidly Declining
Edwin Bernard. Aidsmap, January 14, 2005.
HIV in Pregnant Women in UK: Still Failing to Meet Diagnosis Targets
International HIV/AIDS Alliance, April 3, 2003.
National Organizations
All Party Parliamentary Group on AIDS
The AIDS Group was founded with the objectives of raising awareness of HIV in Parliament, encouraging balanced policies, and acting as a bridge with the HIV sector.
Department of Health: HIV
African HIV Policy Network (AHPN)
An umbrella organization which represents African community groups addressing HIV/AIDS and sexual health throughout the UK.
A UK-based charity that works to prevent HIV worldwide through projects in countries with high or rising rates of infection. Web site includes information on prevention and treatment, statistics, personal stories, frequently asked questions, and resources for young people.
British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH)
Formed from the 2003 merger of the Medical Society for the Study of Venereal Diseases and the Association for Genitourinary Medicine, the Association promotes sexual health and high quality HIV/STI care through professional and public education.
George House Trust
Provides voluntary support services for people affected by HIV in the North West of England. Also runs education programs to raise awareness and fight discrimination against people with HIV, and campaigns for the best quality of life for people with HIV.
Health Protection Agency
The Agency identifies and responds to health hazards and emergencies, including infectious diseases, in England and Wales.
Medical Foundation for AIDS and Sexual Health
Works with policy-makers and health professionals to promote excellence in the prevention and management of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Supported by the British Medical Association.
National AIDS Trust
The UK's leading HIV and AIDS policy development and advocacy organisation. Works in the UK and internationally for policies that will prevent transmission, improve access to treatment, and challenge HIV stigma and discrimination.
National Association of Nurses for Contraception and Sexual Health (NANCSH)
Promotes education on sexual and reproductive health.
Society of Sexual Health Advisers (SSHA)
The Society provides an opportunity for members to meet and work towards further professional development. Web site includes information on STIs, frequently asked questions, clinic locations, and a section for health professionals.
The Terrence Higgins Trust
Aims to promote sexual health and reduce the spread of HIV. Services include counselling and support groups, legal advice, mentoring, telephone hotlines, and complementary therapies.
The UK Coalition for People Living with HIV and AIDS
Members research the needs of people with HIV and campaign for improved services, working with national and local government agencies.
HIV/AIDS Web Sites
Site features a large database of HIV prevention and treatment information for a general audience, as well as a searchable global HIV/AIDS resource directory. Produced by the National AIDS Manual (NAM Publications) in collaboration with the British HIV Association and the International HIV/AIDS Alliance.
HIV i-Base
A treatment activist group committed to providing timely HIV treatment information both to positive people and to health care professionals.
Playing Safely
The National Health Service guide to sexually transmitted infections. Includes descriptions of infections, information about contraception and safer sex, expert advice, and a database of sexual health clinics in the UK.
Sex Education Forum
Works with teachers and health professionals to provide effective sex and relationships education. A project of the National Children's Bureau.