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Updated July 2009
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HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe
Population, 201313,000,000
People living with HIV/AIDS, 20121,400,000
Women (aged 15+) with HIV/AIDS, 2012700,000
Children with HIV/AIDS, 2012180,000
Adult HIV prevalence (%), 201214.7
AIDS deaths, 201239,000
nd = No data
Source: Population Reference Bureau & UNAIDS
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HIV/AIDS-Specific Country Profiles
PEPFAR Country Profile
A summary of the activities of the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in selected countries.
IRIN Country Profile
Contact information for national HIV/AIDS organizations, selected indicators, and an epidemiological fact sheet from the United Nation's Integrated Regional Information Networks.
UNAIDS Country Profile
A brief summary of national socioeconomic conditions in the context of the HIV epidemic, and information (where available) on UNAIDS' country-level activities.
UNGASS 2008 Country Progress Report
Reports progress made in implementing the UN Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. The report includes summary indicator data through the end of 2007. [PDF, 372K]
UNAIDS/WHO Epidemiological Fact Sheet
Statistics on the prevalence and incidence of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and discussion of knowledge and behaviors related to HIV transmission. 2008. [PDF, 981K]
Global Fund Country Programs
Discussion of the national epidemic and description of HIV/AIDS projects supported by the Global Fund, including funding details, planned activities, and expected results.
HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe
Lisa Garbus, Gertrude Khumalo-Sakutukwa. Country AIDS Policy Analysis Project, AIDS Policy Research Center, University of California San Francisco, October 2003.
USAID HIV/AIDS Country Profile
A description of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in selected countries, the national response, and USAID programs and support. [PDF, 166K]
Demographic and Health Surveys, February 2007 [PDF, 299 KB]
WHO HIV/AIDS Treatment Scale-Up Summary Country Profile
A summary of current antiretroviral therapy coverage and resource requirements for scaling up treatment in countries receiving support under the WHO's "3 by 5" treatment initiative. 2005. [PDF, 290K]
Health and Development Profiles
CIA World Factbook
Extensive data over a range of fields, including geography, population, government, the economy, the military, and communications.
Population Reference Bureau Country Profile
Key demographic, health, and development indicators, selected reports and articles, and links.
UNICEF Country Tables
Statistics in the areas of population, mortality, general and reproductive health, and education.
WHO Country Profile
Links to tables containing general health indicators, country profiles on specific diseases, and selected health-related documents. Also in Spanish and French.
Surveys and Assessments
Concurrent Sexual Partnerships and HIV Infection: Evidence from National Population-Based Surveys
Mishra V and Bignami-Van Assche S. Demographic and Health Surveys, UNAIDS, March 2009. [PDF, 576K]
The Role of Partner Reduction and Faithfulness in HIV Prevention in Sub-Saharan Africa: Evidence from Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zimbabwe
Vinod Mishra, Rathavuth Hong, Simona Bignami-Van Assche, Macro International Inc., January 2009. [PDF, 400K]
Zimbabwe Demographics and Health Survey, 2005/6
Central Statistical Office, Macro International Inc., March 2007. [PDF, 2.74MB]
AIDS Stigma and Uptake of HIV Testing in Zimbabwe
Sambisa W. Based on further analysis of the 2005/6 DHS. Macro International Inc., August 2008. [PDF, 774K]
Guidelines and Best Practices
HIV/AIDS Standard Treatment Guidelines
HIV/AIDS Quality of Care Initiative (HAQOCI), National Drug and Therapeutics Policy Advisory Committee (NDTPAC), AIDS and TB Unit, Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, 2003. [PDF] Also see HAQOCI publications on HIV/AIDS topics.
Policy Reports and Papers
Caring From Within: Key Findings and Policy Recommendations on Home-based Care in Zimbabwe
Health & Development Networks and the Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service, January 2009. [PDF, 688K]
National Strategic Framework for the Private Sector Response to HIV and AIDS 2007-2010
Zimbabwe Ministry of Public Service, Labour and Social Welfare, 2007. [PDF, 324K]
Zimbabwe National HIV and AIDS Strategic Plan 2006-2010
National AIDS Council, Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, July 2006. [PDF, 2.82MB]
Zimbabwe National Behavioural Change Strategy 2006-2010
National AIDS Council, Zimbabwe Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, n.d. [PDF, 1.46MB]
Journal Articles
Biomarker validation of reports of recent sexual activity: results of a randomized controlled study in Zimbabwe
Minnis AM, Steiner MJ, Gallo MF. Am J Epidemiol. 2009 Oct 1;170(7):918-24. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Effect of early exclusive breastfeeding on morbidity among infants born to HIV-negative mothers in Zimbabwe
Koyanagi A, Humphrey JH, Moulton LH, et al. Am J Clin Nutr. 2009 May;89(5):1281-2.
Voluntary counseling and testing: Uptake, impact on sexual behavior, and HIV incidence in a rural Zimbabwean cohort
Sherr L, Lopman B, Kakowa M, et al. AIDS. 2007;21:851-60. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Routine offer of antenatal HIV testing ("opt-out" approach) to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV in urban Zimbabwe
Chandisarewa W, Stranix-Chibanda L, Chirapa E, Miller A, Simoyi M, Mahomva A, et al. Bull World Health Organ 2007 Nov;85(11):843-50. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
HIV Incidence during a Cluster-Randomized Trial of Two Strategies Providing Voluntary Counselling and Testing at the Workplace, Zimbabwe
Corbett EL, Makamure B, Cheung YB, Dauya E, Matambo R, Bandason T, Munyati SS, Mason PR, Butterworth AE, Hayes RJ. AIDS. 2007 Feb 19;21(4):483-9. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Presentations, Interviews, and Roundtable Discussions
The Sharpest HIV Decline in Southern Africa: Experiences from Zimbabwe
Presentation slides from the XVII International AIDS Conference, Mexico City, Mexico, August 4, 2008. [PDF, 464K]
Provider Education and Training
Sex, Sexuality, and HIV Prevention for Women, Men and Couples: Addressing the challenges of HIV Prevention in Southern Africa - Trainer's Guide
Seke Rural Home Based Care (SRHBC) of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa HIV and AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS), 2008. [PDF, 3.76MB]
Trainer's Module: Prevention of Opportunistic Infections
Clinical Epidemiology Resource and Training Centre, HIV/AIDS Quality of Care Initiative (HAQOCI), Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, February 2004. [PDF]
National Community Home-Based Care Standards
Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, Government of Zimbabwe, 2004. [PDF, 2.4MB]
Patient and Community Education
SMARTWork Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) Brochures on HIV and AIDS
Strategically Managing AIDS Responses Together in the Workplace (SMARTWork) HIV Prevention and Education Program, Academy for Educational Development (AED), n.d. [PDF, 944K]
Program Management Materials
Policy on HIV and AIDS for Teachers' Colleges
Zimbabwe Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, 2005. [PDF, 105K]
A Healthy Workforce: A Toolkit for HIV and AIDS Advocacy and Behavior Change Communication in the Workplace
Strategically Managing AIDS Responses Together in the Workplace (SMARTWork) HIV Prevention and Education Program, Academy for Educational Development (AED), May 2005. [PDF, 1.78MB]
HIV and AIDS Policy for the Transport Sector of Zimbabwe
ILO Project on HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Transport Sector of Southern Africa - Project Advisory Committee: Zimbabwe, July 2003. [PDF, 366K]
Zimbabwe VCT Program: New Start Centre Operating Procedure Manual
New Start Counselling and Testing Centre, n.d. [Word, 2.5MB]
National Organizations
Ministry of Health and Child Welfare
Zimbabwe Government Online
National AIDS Council
National Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (NANGO)
Women's Action Group (WAG)
Zimbabwe AIDS Network (ZAN)
Zimbabwe Women's Resource Center and Network (ZWRCN)
International Organizations
U.N. Agencies
Project of the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. Updates on humanitarian crises and extensive country links.
UNDP Zimbabwe Programs
World Bank
World Food Program
Zimbabwe Projects.
Other Organizations
Advance Africa
Site details Zimbabwe's Commuity-Based Distribution (CBD) reproductive health program.
Catholic Relief Services
This organization encourages HIV/AIDS prevention and supports AIDS orphans.
Horizons Project/Population Council
International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Works with Family AIDS Caring Trust to expand technical support to NGOs and CBOs supporting community responses to HIV/AIDS in east and southern Africa.
Works to strengthen local organizations working with the large numbers of orphans left behind by the AIDS epidemic and to help facilitate community-driven programs that integrate effective HIV prevention with care for orphans.
Southern African AIDS Trust (SAT)
SAT supports community responses to HIV and AIDS through community capacity strengthening and in-depth partnerships
Provides training and technical assistance to businesses, unions, and nongovernmental organizations on establishing workplace HIV/AIDS prevention programs and policies. A project of the Academy for Educational Development and the U.S. Department of Labor.
HIV/AIDS Quality of Care Initiative
A coalition of health care professionals committed to assisting with the delivery of high quality HIV/AIDS care in Zimbabwe.
News Sources and Periodicals Zimbabwe
Daily compilation of articles from national media.
Kubatana Trust
Provides human rights and civic education information to the public. Also encourages the collaboration of Zimbabwean NGOs and civil society organizations using the internet. Includes directory of HIV/AIDS organizations working in Zimbabwe.