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Updated September 2006
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HIV/AIDS in Guatemala
Population, 201315,400,000
People living with HIV/AIDS, 201258,000
Women (aged 15+) with HIV/AIDS, 201220,000
Children with HIV/AIDS, 2012nd
Adult HIV prevalence (%), 20120.7
AIDS deaths, 20123,400
nd = No data
Source: Population Reference Bureau & UNAIDS
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HIV/AIDS-Specific Country Profiles
WHO HIV/AIDS Treatment Scale-Up Summary Country Profile
A summary of current antiretroviral therapy coverage and resource requirements for scaling up treatment in countries receiving support under the WHO's "3 by 5" treatment initiative. 2005. [PDF, 261K]
Health and Development Profiles
CIA World Factbook
Extensive data over a range of fields, including geography, population, government, the economy, the military, and communications.
Pan American Health Organization Country Health Profile
Contains indicators from PAHO's Core Health Data System, and a summary of the national health situation and trends. Also in Spanish.
Population Reference Bureau Country Profile
Key demographic, health, and development indicators, selected reports and articles, and links.
UNICEF Country Tables
Statistics in the areas of population, mortality, general and reproductive health, and education.
WHO Country Profile
Links to tables containing general health indicators, country profiles on specific diseases, and selected health-related documents. Also in Spanish and French.
Policy Reports and Papers
Reducing HIV/AIDS Vulnerability in Central America : Guatamal: HIV/AIDS Situation and Response to the Epidemic
Bortman M, Saenz LB, Pimenta I, et al, World Bank, December 2006. [PDF, 1.3MB] Also in Spanish.
Journal Articles
The UALE Project: Decline in the incidence of HIV and sexually transmitted infections and increase in the use of condoms among sex workers in Guatemala
Sabidó M, Giardina F, Hernÿndez G, et al. JAIDS 2009. May;51(Suppl 1):S35-S41. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
HIV/AIDS Web Sites
Asociación Gente Positiva
Una asociación civil no lucrativa fundada por iniciativa de un grupo de personas que viven con VIH/SIDA, cuyo objetivo primordial era defender sus Derechos Humanos como cualquier persona, sensibilizando a la población en este tema.
Médecins San Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders
An international medical aid network that offers HIV prevention and treatment services. MSF operates treatment centers in Guatemala City, Cohatepeque, and San Jose, providing HIV/AIDS medications to over 600 Guatemalans.