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efavirenz (Sustiva)

Type of Drug: Nonnucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitor
Nonnucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors prevent HIV from using an enzyme called reverse transcriptase to make copies of itself. These drugs are also known as NNRTIs, nonnucleosides or "nonnukes."

Approved adult dosing

one 600 mg tablet, once a day at bedtime

  • Daily, at bedtime

    Sustiva 600

    Sustiva 600 mg

three 200 mg capsules, once a day at bedtime

  • Daily, at bedtime

    Sustiva 200Sustiva 200Sustiva 200

    Sustiva 200 mg

Notes on taking this medication

  • Take at bedtime
  • Take on an empty stomach
  • Sustiva interacts with many other drugs; persons using Sustiva with those drugs may need an adjustment to their dose of the other drugs; consult your medical provider

Possible side effects

  • Sleep disturbances, such as vivid dreams (improves over the first several weeks); dizziness; drowsiness; mood disturbances, suicidality
  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Rash
  • Do not take during pregnancy; may cause birth defects

See accompanying chart: Tips for Common Side Effects

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