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CDC Recommends PrEP for Americans at High Risk for HIV
Newsweek, 11/24/2015.
With Millions on HIV Treatment, AIDS Pandemic Tide Turns
Huffington Post, 11/24/2015.
Progress toward Preventing HIV Highlighted in Special Issue of AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
EurekAlert, 11/19/2015.
Alcoholism Drug Can 'Wake Up' Dormant HIV to Be Killed, Study Finds
Reuters, 11/18/2015.
In Kenya, Improving Food Security and HIV Outcomes through Farming
Scientific American, 11/12/2015.
Are Bans on Blood Donations from Gay Men Outdated or Necessary?
Newsweek, 11/09/2015.
FDA OKs Gilead's Genvoya, First HIV Combo Pill with New Tenofovir
AIDSmeds, 11/05/2015.
Stigma Keeps Many Gay Latinos Off HIV Prevention Pill
NPR, 11/05/2015.
HIV Vaccine Trials Set to Start within 5 Years
Tech Times, 11/05/2015.
1 Injection Every 8 Weeks Works as well as 3 Daily HIV Pills, according to Trial
Huffington Post, 11/03/2015.
$2.2 Billion Awarded to Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program
Tech Times, 11/02/2015.
Dating Apps Could 'Start an Explosion of HIV,' Expert Warns
Huffington Post UK, 11/02/2015.
Deaths from TB Globally Outnumber HIV/AIDS, Says WHO Report
Wall Street Journal, 10/29/2015.
Drug Enforcement vs AIDS Treatment Issue Hits United Nations
New York Times, 10/27/2015.
FDA Warns of Safety Risk with AbbVie Drugs for Patients with Advanced Liver Disease
U.S. News & World Report, 10/23/2015.
Competitor to Offer $1 Pill after Turing Price Hike Outrage
NBC News, 10/23/2015.
Gilead's New HIV Drug Shows Lower Side Effects over Longer Term
Reuters, 10/22/2015.
Simplified Antiretrovirals Outperform Typical HIV Treatment
Medscape, 10/20/2015.
Cambodian Doctor on Trial for Infecting More Than 100 with HIV
ABC News, 10/20/2015.
Studies Continue to Support Tenofovir Alafenamide Combination Pill as It Nears U.S. Approval
AIDSmap, 10/19/2015.
A New AIDS Vaccine Is About to Be Trialled in Humans for the First Time
Science Alert, 10/14/2015.
HIV Drugs Provide Added Benefit of Protecting against Hepatitis B Virus
Medical Xpress, 10/12/2015.
Coverage under Affordable Care Act Improves Chances of Viral Suppression for Americans with HIV
AIDSmap, 10/12/2015.
Uganda's Test-and-Treat HIV Program Hauls in Fishermen of Lake Victoria
The Guardian, 10/07/2015.
San Francisco Is Changing Face of AIDS Treatment
New York Times, 10/06/2015.
Youth, HIV, and the Ryan White Program, 10/06/2015.
Videos Reveal How HIV Spreads in Real Time
Medical Xpress, 10/02/2015.
WHO Backs 'Treat-All' HIV Drug Plan
BBC News, 09/30/2015.
Children with HIV More Likely to Die of Malaria
New York Times, 09/29/2015.
U.S. to Allocate Additional $300 Million to Fighting HIV among African Women
Guardian, 09/27/2015.
September 27 Is National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day
AIDSinfo, 09/25/2015.
No Marked Change in HIV Prevalence in U.S. Adults
Medscape, 09/25/2015.
Woman with HIV Gets $40K Settlement after Officer Berates Her
USA Today, 09/22/2015.
Drug Goes from $13.50 a Tablet to $750, Overnight
New York Times, 09/21/2015.
Today Is National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day, 09/18/2015.
Insurer Says Clients on Daily Pill Have Stayed HIV Free
New York Times, 09/02/2015.
Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Offers Needed Patient Support
Reuters Health, 09/02/2015.
A District in Kerala Where Everyone Knows Everything about HIV/AIDS
The Better India, 09/02/2015.
HIV Treatment as Prevention Scale-Up Linked to Reduced Mortality among People Who Inject Drugs in Vancouver
Aidsmap, 09/01/2015.
HIV Particles Do Not Cause AIDS, Our Own Immune Cells Do
Medical Xpress, 08/28/2015.
Few Gay, Bisexual Teen Males Being Tested for HIV
Reuters, 08/27/2015.
Botswana Issues Historic HIV Ruling
Voice of America, 08/26/2015.
Today Marks 25th Anniversary of the Ryan White CARE Act
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 08/18/2015.
Targeting HIV in Semen to Shut Down AIDS
Medical Xpress, 08/18/2015.
Large Percentage of Youth with HIV May Lack Immunity to Measles, Mumps, Rubella
U.S. National Institutes of Health, 08/13/2015.
PrEP Seen as Big Part of White House's New HIV Strategy
Healthline, 08/10/2015.
News and Highlights from the 8th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention (IAS 2015)
Aidsmap, 08/06/2015.
First Self-Injectable HIV Antibody May Prevent Virus Transmission
Fox News, 08/05/2015.
The National HIV/AIDS Strategy: Updated to 2020
White House Office of the Press Secretary, 07/30/2015.
Why the Anti-HIV Pill Is a Hard Sell to the Latino Community
PBS, 07/30/2015.
Suniti Solomon, Doctor Who Awakened India to HIV, Passes Away
Huffington Post, 07/29/2015.
START Trial Provides Definitive Evidence of the Benefits of Early HIV Treatment
Same-Day Start to Antiretroviral Treatment Leads to Faster HIV Suppression in San Francisco
No HIV Infections from Partners with Fully Suppressed Viral Load during Long-Term Follow-Up of Landmark Treatment-as-Prevention Trial
World Health Organization to Recommend HIV Treatment for All, regardless of CD4 Count
Intermittent PrEP May Be a Robust Strategy for Anal Sex, Vaginal Much Less Certain
French Teen in Remission for 12 Years despite Halt to Treatment
Globe and Mail, 07/21/2015.
Bristol-Myers Squibb Receives Breakthrough Designation for HIV Treatment
Wall Street Journal, 07/21/2015.
Goal to End AIDS Epidemic by 2030 'Ambitious but Realistic': U.N. Chief
Reuters, 07/14/2015.
Black Market for Truvada PrEP May Undermine Treatment Adherence in Marginalized People Living with HIV
Aidsmap, 07/13/2015.
Trial Supports Depression Care Managers in HIV Primary Care
Medscape, 07/08/2015.
Latent HIV Cells Only 'Wake Up' Once a Week after Antiretroviral Therapy, Study Finds
Medical News Today, 07/06/2015.
U.S. Vaccine Researcher Sentenced to Prison for Fraud
Nature, 07/01/2015.
Cuba Named First Country to End Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission
Reuters, 07/01/2015.
HIV Stigma Decreases with Scale-Up of HIV Treatment
Aidsmap, 06/30/2015.
CDC Report Shows 1 in 8 Americans Infected with HIV Unaware of Condition
Tech Times, 06/26/2015.
Why Getting Tested for HIV Could Help Your Whole Community
Huffington Post, 06/24/2015.
Scientists One Step Closer to Human Trial of HIV Vaccine
Daily News & Analysis, 06/19/2015.
Consider Cannabis Use When Assessing Middle-Aged and Older Patients with HIV, Say U.S. Investigators
Aidsmap, 06/15/2015.
Dendritic Cells of Elite Controllers Able to Recognize, Mount Defense against HIV
Medical Xpress, 06/11/2015.
South Africa: Drug Shortages Threaten Progress Made in World's Largest HIV Program
Médcins Sans Frontières, 06/11/2015.
FDA Approves Edible Medicine for Kids with HIV That Will Save More Young Lives
Huffington Post, 06/09/2015.
Appalachia Bracing for HIV
U.S. News & World Report, 06/05/2015.
HIV's Reliance on Sugar Could Be Its Downfall, Study Suggests
Medical News Today, 06/02/2015.
Breakthrough HIV Study Could Change Course of Treatment for Millions
Washington Post, 05/29/2015.
HIV Drugs Should Be Given at Diagnosis, Trial Suggests
BBC News, 05/28/2015.
Dust, TB and HIV: the Ugly Face of Mining in South Africa
The Guardian, 05/26/2015.
Indiana County Battling HIV to Continue Needle Exchange
Fox News, 05/22/2015.
Zimbabwe Uses the Most Condoms in the World, Reduces HIV Infections
International Business Times, 05/22/2015.
Study Shows Significant Benefits of Microclinics for Rural Kenyan HIV Patients
Medical News, 05/19/2015.
Asian and Pacific Islander HIV Awareness Day
CDC, 05/19/2015.
Russian HIV/AIDS Epidemic Worsening under Kremlin Policies, Says Expert
The Guardian, 05/15/2015.
Drugmaker and University Ally to Seek Cure for AIDS
New York Times, 05/11/2015.
Testing the Children of HIV-Infected Parents
Medscape, 05/08/2015.
'Can Opener' Molecule Makes HIV Vulnerable to Attack
Medical News Today, 05/06/2015.
Stopping HIV in Its Tracks: New Subdermal Implant Delivers Potent Antiretroviral Drugs
Science Daily, 04/29/2015.
CDC: Indiana Has 'One of the Worst' HIV Outbreaks
USA Today, 04/28/2015.
First HIV 'Home Testing' Kit Goes on Sale in UK
The Independent, 04/27/2015.
MSF-UNAIDS Report Endorses Community Models of Care
Médecins sans Frontières International, 04/23/2015.
24 New HIV Cases Reported in Indiana Outbreak, 130 Total
ABC News, 04/17/2015.
FDA Issues Ledipasvir/Sofosbuvir and Amiodarone Warning
U.S. Food and Drug Administration, 03/24/2015.
Trial Brings Researchers Closer to an Antibody Treatment for HIV
Guardian, 04/09/2015.
Gilead's Low-Dose, High-Impact HIV Drug Heads to the FDA
Biotech S.F., 04/08/2015.
Needle Exchange Program Begins in Indiana County with HIV Outbreak
Huffington Post, 04/05/2015.
'Kick and Kill' HIV Treatment Approach Receives NIH Funding
Outbreak News Today, 04/02/2015.
Indiana Races to Fight HIV Surge Tied to Drug Abuse
New York Times, 03/31/2015.
HIV Replicates in Brain, CNS Shortly after Infection
Healio, 03/30/2015.
Indiana Governor Declares Public Health Emergency to Battle Worst HIV Outbreak in State History
ABC News, 03/26/2015.
Early HIV Phase May Be Less Infectious Than Once Thought
AIDSmeds, 03/18/2015.
Merck's HIV Patent Agreement Ignites Monopoly Criticism
All Africa, 03/16/2015.
Common Herpes Drug Reduces HIV Levels
Medical News Today, 03/16/2015.
What It's Like to Be a Woman with HIV
U.S. News & World Report, 03/11/2015.
Novel Tool Captures Total Body SIV Replication
Health Canal, 03/10/2015.
Screening Study Finds High Prevalence of Early-Stage Lung Cancer among Smokers with HIV
Aidsmap, 03/05/2015.
AIDS Was Passed to Humans from Gorillas, as well as Chimpanzees, Research Claims
Daily Mail, 03/03/2015.
HIV Latency Is Not an Accident: It Is a Survival Tactic Employed by the Virus
Medical Xpress, 03/02/2015.
So Much Has Changed since the First HIV Test Was Approved 30 Years Ago
Medical Xpress, 03/02/2015.
U.S. PEPFAR Abstinence and Faithfulness Funding Had No Impact on Sexual Behavior in Africa
Aidsmap, 02/27/2015.
Study That Paid Patients to Take HIV Drugs Fails
New York Times, 02/24/2015.
Merck Grants Free License for Pediatric HIV Drug
Fox News, 02/24/2015.
A New Twist on HIV Vaccines Shows Results in Monkeys, Study Says
L.A. Times, 02/18/2015.
New HIV Strain CRF 19 Develops into AIDS 3 Times Faster Than Normal, Discovery Made in Cuba
Inquisitr, 02/17/2015.
Gay Dating Apps Become Messengers for Warnings on HIV
Bloomberg, 02/12/2015.
Kidneys from HIV Donors May Be OK for HIV Patients, Study Finds
U.S. News & World Report, 02/12/2015.
A Dongle for Detecting HIV and Syphilis
Forbes, 02/05/2015.
A Failed Trial in Africa Raises Questions about How to Test HIV Drugs
New York Times, 02/05/2015.
First HIV Call Center Opens in Mississippi
Fox News, 02/03/2015.
HIV Cure 'Likely Lies in Targeting Dormant Virus Reserves'
Medical News Today, 02/02/2015.
Craigslist Hookup Pages Linked to 16% Rise in HIV Cases
Newsweek, 02/02/2015.
FDA Approves Bristol-Myers, J&J HIV Pills
Reuters, 01/30/2015.
Study Finds HIV Drugs Priced Out of Reach
New York Times, 01/29/2015.
Asia Needs More Cash, Campaigns, Law Changes to End HIV Epidemic: U.N.
Reuters, 01/28/2015.
Zimbabwe: Making HIV an 'Undetectable' Virus
Médecins Sans Frontière, 01/28/2015.
Bill Gates Predicts HIV Vaccine by 2030
The Guardian, 01/26/2015.
With Proper Care, People with HIV May Erase Raised Heart Attack Risk
AIDSmeds, 01/20/2015.
New HIV/AIDS Infections Surged 15% in China in 2014
Wall Street Journal, 01/16/2015.
Researchers Delve into HIV-Infected Population's Aging Risks
Wall Street Journal, 01/14/2015.
Study Supports Link between Injectable Hormonal Contraceptive and HIV Risk
Medical Xpress, 01/09/2015.
New Study on African Countries Outlines HIV/AIDS Budgets
Voice of America, 01/08/2015.
'Killer T Cells' Primed to Distinguish and Destroy Shape-Shifting HIV
Medical News Today, 01/08/2015.
The Challenge of Creating an HIV Vaccine: Virus Infects the Very Cells Induced by Drug
Medical Daily, 01/06/2015.
U.S. Guidelines on Prevention with People Living with HIV Now Emphasize Engagement with Care, HIV Treatment, and Social Factors
Aidsmap, 01/05/2015.
Number of Cambodian Villagers Infected with HIV Rises to More Than 200
Radio Free Asia, 01/05/2015.
Overcoming HIV Obstacles in 2015
Voice of America, 01/02/2015.
Occasional Heroin Use May Worsen HIV Infection
Medical Xpress, 12/15/2014.
Malawi to Conduct Door-to-Door HIV Testing
Voice of America, 12/12/2014.
Mozambique Sex Workers Learn to Put Life before Money as HIV Rates Increase
The Guardian, 12/12/2014.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration Grants CLIA Waiver for Alere Determine HIV-1/2 Ag/Ab Combo Test
Market Watch, 12/09/2014.
Pakistani Blood Banks Tainted with Hepatitis and HIV
Health24, 12/09/2014.
HIV Is Evolving and Losing Its Edge, Study Finds
The Globe and Mail, 12/04/2014.
Myanmar to Provide Free Treatment to Half of HIV/AIDS Patients by 2016
Radio Free Asia, 12/04/2014.
World AIDS Day 2014: History, HIV Facts, and 'AIDS-Free Generation' Theme
International Business Times, 12/01/2014.
World AIDS Day 2014: The HIV Year in Review
Advocate, 12/01/2014.
World AIDS Day 2014: Prince Harry Reveals a Secret as He Campaigns on AIDS
Reuters, 12/01/2014.
Most Americans with HIV Missing Treatment, CDC Says
NBC News, 11/25/2014.
NIH-Sponsored Study Identifies Superior Drug Regimen for Preventing Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission
National Institutes of Health, 11/21/2014.
Racial Disparities in the Gay Male HIV Epidemic Appear Entrenched
AIDSmeds, 11/19/2014.
1 in 8 Sexually Active Gay Men in London Has HIV, Figures Reveal
Evening Standard, 11/19/2014.
Yes, Doctor, I Took My Anti-HIV Meds (But Really, I Didn't)
NPR, 11/14/2014.
Merck's Grazoprevir/Elbasvir Combo Shows High Cure Rates, including for People with Cirrhosis and HIV/HCV Coinfection
Aidsmap, 11/13/2014.
Woman Catches HIV after Having Her Nails Done Using Shared Manicure Equipment
Daily Mail, 11/13/2014.
HIV Helped Utah Man Battle Cancer: How Disabled HIV Turns T-Cells into 'Serial Killers' of Tumors
Medical Daily, 11/12/2014.
HIV and Hepatitis Testing Needed for 22,000 Patients after Dentist Breached Infection Controls
Huffington Post UK, 11/12/2014.
Gilead Seeks Approval for New HIV Pill
SFGate, 11/07/2014.
Australia Performs Best in HIV Treatment Cascade--62% with Undetectable Viral Load
Aidsmap, 11/06/2014.
International Baby Trial Hopes to Find Achillles' Heel in HIV
Los Angeles Times, 11/05/2014.
Scientists See Mechanism for Spontaneous HIV 'Cure'
Agence France-Presse, 11/04/2014.
NIH Trial Tests Very Early Anti-HIV Therapy in HIV-Infected Newborns
NIH News, 11/03/2014.
Court: Namibia Forcibly Sterilized Women with HIV
ABC News, 11/03/2014.
Researchers Pinpoint Exactly Where Each Building Block Sits in HIV
Medical Xpress, 11/03/2014.
Revolutionary New Anti-HIV Pill Shown to Work When Taken 'On Demand'
The Independent, 10/31/2014.
HIV Vaccine Trial Passes First Hurdle in South Africa
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center News, 10/30/2014.
NIH-Led Study Explores Prevention of Heart Disease in HIV-Infected People
National Institutes of Health, 10/30/2014.
Oral Contraception May Become Renewed Option for HIV-Positive Women
Medical Xpress, 10/29/2014.
Beating the Virus: Task Shifting Puts HIV Patients in Good Hands
Médecins sans Frontières, 10/23/2014.
Glaxo Considers ViiV IPO to Capitalize on HIV-Drug Sales
Bloomberg, 10/23/2014.
High Effectiveness Seen in English PrEP Trial
AIDSmap, 10/17/2014.
High Effectiveness Seen in English PrEP Trial
AIDSmap, 10/17/2014.
New Study Reveals Ways to Reduce HIV Rates in Mexico, 10/16/2014.
HIV-Infected Users of Stimulants Derive Benefits from Antiretroviral Therapy, 10/13/2014.
Getting Pregnant When One Partner Has HIV
The Atlantic, 10/13/2014.
Single-Molecule Microscopy Shows Infamous HIV Spikes in Action
Los Angeles Times, 10/09/2014.
HIV Stigma Causing Avoidable Maternal Deaths in South Africa, Says Amnesty International
Guardian, 10/09/2014.
The Pill Truvada Can Prevent HIV, and for Some, That's a Problem
Newsweek, 10/08/2014.
Giving Doctors Guidance on Drugs to Prevent HIV
New York Times, 10/07/2014.
Thailand Hits Party Scene to Combat Rising HIV among Gay Men
Reuters, 10/06/2014.
AIDS: Origin of Pandemic 'Was 1920s Kinshasa'
BBC, 10/03/2014.
False Hope from 'Cure' of Mississippi Baby with HIV Leads to Resurgence of Virus in Second Child
Washington Post, 10/03/2014.
Oil Boom Helps Fuel Surge in HIV in North Dakota
Healthline, 09/30/2014.
Doctor Successfully Treats Ebola Patients with HIV Drug
The Grio, 09/29/2014.
Berlin Patient Timothy Ray Brown Cured of HIV 'Due to Rare Genetic Mutation in Bone Marrow'
International Business Times, 09/26/2014.
Half of Gay, Bisexual Men with HIV Go Untreated
USA Today, 09/26/2014.
Gilead's Latest HIV Pill Meets Study Goals
Wall Street Journal, 09/25/2014.
'My HIV Child Is Playing with Your Child, and You Don't Know It'
Time, 09/23/2014.
Southern States Are Now Epicenter of HIV/AIDS in the United States
Washington Post, 09/22/2014.
San Francisco Politician Goes Public with His Choice to Take Anti-HIV Drug
NPR, 09/18/2014.
The First HIV/AIDS Generation Reaches Retirement Age
Newsweek, 09/18/2014.
Study Dampens HOPE of HIV Organ Donations
Medscape, 09/15/2014.
The Outdated and Discriminatory Reason Gay Men Can't Donate Tissue and Blood
TakePart, 09/15/2014.
The Importance of Retention in HIV Care
Medscape, 09/11/2014.
Greater Clarity to How HIV May Lead to Cognitive Decline
AIDSmeds, 09/11/2014.
Don't Call It a Comeback: The Resurgence of HIV among Young Gay Men
Huffington Post, 09/08/2014.
Fewest Recruits Ever Test Positive for HIV Virus, 09/08/2014.
India Battles HIV Drug Shortage as Some Firms Halt Supply
Reuters, 09/04/2014.
HIV Cure Failure in Mississippi Baby 'the Beginning of a New Chapter'
Medical News Today, 08/29/2014.
Poor Knowledge of Partner HIV Status among South African Women with Recent Pregnancy
AIDSmap, 08/29/2014.
Porn Flming on Hold as Another Performer Tests Positive for HIV
L.A. Times, 08/29/2014.
FDA Approves New Single-Tablet HIV Regimen, Triumeq
AIDSmeds, 08/25/2014.
New Rise in HIV/AIDS Cases among Young in Thailand
Voice of America, 08/25/2014.
Vault Nanoparticles Show Promise for Cancer Treatment, Potential HIV Cure
R&D Magazine, 08/21/2014.
Belgian Infant Contracts HIV via Breast Milk
Fox News, 08/20/2014.
CBT Counseling Significantly Increases Adherence among Participants in HIV PrEP Study
Aidsmap, 08/15/2014.
Research and Planning to Meet Health Needs of People Living with HIV, 08/14/2014.
Trans Youth of Color Talk Homelessness, HIV 'In Their Own Words'
Advocate, 08/13/2014.
New Dissolving 'Tampons' Could Protect Women against HIV
Salon, 08/12/2014.
Brazil Sees Rise in HIV Cases
Huffington Post, 08/11/2014.
Suspicious Prescriptions for HIV Drugs Abound in Medicare
ProPublica, 08/06/2014.
HIV Drugs Could Help to Prevent and Treat Multiple Sclerosis, Say Scientists
Independent, 08/05/2014.
African American Sisters Aging with HIV and Co-Morbidities
Huffington Post, 08/01/2014.
How Black Americans Became the Face of HIV
Washington Post, 08/01/2014.
Forced Mutations Doom HIV
MIT News, 07/29/2014.
HIV in the Golden Years
Desert Sun, 07/29/2014.
Young People with HIV Respond Well to Human Papillomavirus Vaccine
Aidsmap, 07/29/2014.
AIDS 2014 Ends with Calls for Uniting HIV, Global Health, and Human Rights
AIDS 2014 Press Release, 07/25/2014.
Don't Get Too Excited About The 'HIV-Killing' Condom Yet
Huffington Post, 07/25/2014.
Drug Hope on Reducing HIV Levels Hidden in Cells, Hears Melbourne AIDS Conference
Herald Sun, 07/23/2014.
HIV Discovery Reveals Virus Hidden in Immune System Cells
The Guardian, 07/23/2014.
HIV Pills Show More Promise to Prevent Infection
ABC News, 07/22/2014.
How Many People Have Been Cured of HIV? One.
NBC News, 07/22/2014.
HIV Cure, HIV Co-Infection and HIV Laws Feature on Day 2 of AIDS 2014
AIDS 2014 Press Release, 07/21/2014.
HIV Researchers Hopeful of a Cure, but Say 'Long-Term Remission' More Likely
The Age, 07/21/2014.
HIV Diagnosis Rate in United States Declines Significantly
CBS, 07/21/2014.
Wives Hide HIV as Stigma Undermines Progress on AIDS
Bloomberg, 07/20/2014.
Delegates to Melbourne AIDS Summit on Doomed Flight MH17
The Australian, 07/18/2014.
Is Truvada, the Pill to Prevent HIV, 99% Effective? Don’t Be So Sure
New York Times, 07/16/2014.
Citing 'Exploding' HIV Epidemic, WHO Says All Gay Men Should Consider Taking Antitretroviral Drugs
Washington Post, 07/14/2014.
Russia's HIV Epidemic Starts in Its Prisons
The Moscow Times, 07/14/2014.
HIV Infection Returns in Mississippi Girl Thought Cured
USA Today, 07/10/2014.
Gene Editing Could Erase HIV
The Daily Beast, 07/10/2014.
Why HIV Spreads Less Easily in Heterosexual Couples
NPR, 07/10/2014.
HIV Patients Accuse Health Plans of Using Drug Costs to Discriminate
Bloomberg Business Week, 07/10/2014.
Five Promising Steps Forward in HIV Science
The Conversation, 07/09/2014.
WHO Releases Guidance on Eliminating Mother-to-Child Syphilis, HIV
Vaccine News, 07/07/2014.
Novel Intravaginal Ring Shows Promise for HIV Prevention
Infection Control Today, 07/03/2014.
Three Babies 'Cured' of HIV after Being Given Revolutionary Vaccine in the First Hours of Their Lives
Daily Mail, 07/01/2014.
Charting New Territory: AIDSVu Project Maps HIV Epidemic in 33 U.S. Cities
AIDSVu, 06/27/2014.
The Power of HIV/AIDS Prevention: Using a 21st Century Toolkit to Reverse the Epidemic
Huffington Post, 06/27/2014.
U.S. Federal Funding for HIV/AIDS: The President’s FY 2015 Budget Request
Kaiser Family Foundation, 06/26/2014.
Researcher Charged in HIV Vaccine Fraud Case
NBC News, 06/25/2014.
HIV Experts Look to Video Games, Chat Rooms, and Social Media to Help Promote Prevention
Medical Daily, 06/23/2014.
Trying to Produce Drugs Appropriate for Children with HIV
Washington Post, 06/17/2014.
Less Than Half of America Is Getting Tested for HIV. Here's Why.
Huffington Post, 06/16/2014.
HIV on Trial: An Attempt to Cure the World's Smallest Patients
Scientific American, 06/16/2014.
Iowa Supreme Court Tosses Conviction in HIV Case
ABC News, 06/13/2014.
Study Finds How Protein Blocks HIV Life Cycle in Elite Controllers
Science Codex, 06/11/2014.
Scientists Use Stem Cells to Create HIV Resistance
Medical Xpress, 06/11/2014.
Health Providers Slowly Embrace Drug Truvada to Prevent HIV
SFGate, 06/04/2014.
HIV-Positive Men Have Lowered Risk of Prostate Cancer
AIDSmeds, 06/03/2014.
HIV-Positive Louisana Teacher Charged with Deliberately Exposing 16-Year-Old Student to the Virus
Medical Daily, 06/03/2014.
Four Insurers Accused of Discriminating against People with HIV
New York Times, 05/29/2014.
Scaling Up Access to HIV Testing through New Technologies
UNAIDS, 05/28/2014.
Model Shows Potential for Substantial Long-Term HIV Risk for Serodifferent Couples, Even with New Prevention Tools
Aidsmap, 05/27/2014.
CDC Launching 50,000-Person Study of HIV Tests
Atlanta Business Chronicle, 05/22/2014.
N.Y. Suggests Children as Young as 13 Get HIV Test
WMBF News, 05/22/2014.
Dolutegravir in HIV Infection: Added Benefit in Adult Patients
Medical Xpress, 05/21/2014.
New Trial to Begin on Interferon Usage for HIV Treatment, 05/19/2014.
Advocating Pill, U.S. Signals Shift to Prevent AIDS
New York Times, 05/14/2014.
CDC Recommends Daily HIV Prevention Pill for Those at Substantial Risk
CDC e-HAP FYI Updates, 05/14/2014.
Uganda Makes 'Intentional Transmission' of HIV a Crime
Reuters, 05/14/2014.
Even Moderate Drinking Increases Risk of Advanced Liver Fibrosis for People with HIV/HCV Coinfection
AIDSmap, 05/12/2014.
Turning the Tide on HIV in the Caribbean
Independent Online, 05/12/2014.
Report Claims Worms Responsible for African Women's High Proneness to HIV
International Business Times, 05/12/2014.
Anti-HIV Drugs Dry Up in Venezuela
USA Today, 05/09/2014.
A Victory for Iowans Living with HIV and AIDS
Huffington Post, 05/05/2014.
HIV Resurfaces in Canadian Child after Break in Drug Treatment
CTV News, 05/04/2014.
Uganda to Criminalize 'Wilful' HIV Transmission
ABC News, 05/02/2014.
Coral Reef Protein Fights HIV Infection
UPI, 04/30/2014.
Deadly Catch: Uganda's Fishermen Seeking Sex Workers Prompt HIV Surge
Guardian, 04/25/2014.
As Couples of Mixed HIV Status Weigh Risks, More Choose to Conceive the Old-Fashioned Way
Washington Post, 04/25/2014.
The Man Who Co-Discovered HIV 30 Years Ago on Why There Won't Be a Cure for AIDS
Time, 04/23/2014.
AIDS at 30: Apathy plus HIV Kills
Los Angeles Times, 04/22/2014.
Cancer Vaccine Proves Effective in HIV Patients
New York Times, 04/21/2014.
'Chem Sex' Commonly Reported by UK Gay Men Diagnosed with Shigella
AIDSmap, 04/17/2014.
Ugandan Nurse Accused of Deliberately Spreading HIV
Huffington Post, 04/14/2014.
Home HIV Testing Kits Now Legal in UK
NHS, 04/10/2014.
Sofosbuvir/Ledipasvir Produces Early Cure for 100% of HIV/HCV-Coinfected Patients
AIDSmap, 04/10/2014.
HIV Prevention Interventions: A Big Turnoff for Youths?
AIDSmeds, 04/10/2014.
Divide over HIV Prevention Drug Truvada Persists
USA Today, 04/06/2014.
Uganda Police Raid U.S.-Funded AIDS Project
U.S. News & World Report, 04/04/2014.
Could Transplant Drugs Replace Antiretrovirals in HIV Treatment?
Medical News Today, 04/03/2014.
South African HIV Prevalence Rises on Soaring New Infections
Reuters, 04/02/2014.
HIV-Positive Men May Face Higher Heart Disease Risk
Huffington Post, 04/02/2014.
Failure to Awaken Dormant Cells Deals Blow to HIV Cure Research
AIDSmeds, 03/31/2014.
Crystal Meth May Fuel HIV Disease Progression and Transmission
AIDSmeds, 03/27/2014.
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