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Ward 86 Management Recommendations

About This Series

UCSF clinicians from Ward 86 (The Positive Health Program) at San Francisco General Hospital have been caring for HIV-infected persons since the HIV epidemic exploded here in the early 1980s. Over the course of more than 30 years, we have learned much about HIV from clinical and basic science, from our collaborators in other fields, and of course, from our patients, and we continue to assimilate our experience and to apply it quickly to better the care of people with HIV infection.

At this point in time, many areas of HIV care are well defined and clinical practice is settled, but in many areas, the optimal management of HIV-infected persons remains unclear, and new issues continue to arise. Thus, we are often faced with clinical situations that require us to make decisions but for which there is no clear consensus or substantial body of evidence on which to base our management.

With that in mind, we are pleased to offer these Ward 86 Medical Management Recommendations, in which we share our approach to a variety of clinical issues. The UCSF faculty at Ward 86 and our collaborators address clinical conditions for which available guidelines do not provide sufficient guidance for clinic and acute hospital settings, as well as areas in which our current practice differs from published guidelines. For each topic, we describe the concise practice recommendations we think will be most useful to HIV/AIDS practitioners and the key considerations that drive our rationale. These recommendations reflect our general approach to the topics they address, but are not intended to substitute for the clinical judgment of treatment providers in individual cases.

We will be adding new topics and updating all recommendations as warranted. We invite your feedback; please email us at