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Links: Adherence and Compliance
Formerly Aprex, Inc., Aardex offers innovative tools to increase medication adherence and compliance. Site includes a compliance bibliography.
Combo Cards
Pocket-sized information cards with customized information on a person's antiviral regimen, designed to supplement physician-to-patient medication instruction and counseling. A publication of Smart and Strong (POZ Magazine.)
Offers a range of interesting medication adherence and compliance tools for patients.
iHealth Patient Compliance Portal
Provides links to companies offering a variety of adherence tools.
Pill Swallowing Program
Online training module from the Baylor International Pediatric AIDS Initiative designed to provide guidelines on teaching children to swallow pills. Videotape also available.
West Portal
Questionnaire software (CASIC Builder) developed for patient audio-computer assisted self-interviews that collects information about a patient's medication regimen for research, surveys, and clinical uses, including adherence studies.
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