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Updated July 2009
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HIV/AIDS in Malawi
Population, 201316,300,000
People living with HIV/AIDS, 20121,100,000
Women (aged 15+) with HIV/AIDS, 2012560,000
Children with HIV/AIDS, 2012180,000
Adult HIV prevalence (%), 201210.8
AIDS deaths, 201246,000
nd = No data
Source: Population Reference Bureau & UNAIDS
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HIV/AIDS-Specific Country Profiles
PEPFAR Country Profile
A summary of the activities of the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) in selected countries.
UNAIDS Country Profile
A brief summary of national socioeconomic conditions in the context of the HIV epidemic, and information (where available) on UNAIDS' country-level activities.
UNGASS 2008 Country Progress Report
Reports progress made in implementing the UN Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS. The report includes summary indicator data through the end of 2007. [PDF, 1.3MB]
UNAIDS/WHO Epidemiological Fact Sheet
Statistics on the prevalence and incidence of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections, and discussion of knowledge and behaviors related to HIV transmission. 2008. [PDF, 978K]
Global Fund Country Programs
Discussion of the national epidemic and description of HIV/AIDS projects supported by the Global Fund, including funding details, planned activities, and expected results.
IRIN Country Profile
Contact information for national HIV/AIDS organizations, selected indicators, antiretroviral treatment statistics, and an epidemiological fact sheet from the United Nation's Integrated Regional Information Networks.
HIV/AIDS in Malawi
Lisa Garbus. Country AIDS Policy Analysis Project, AIDS Policy Research Center, University of California San Francisco, April 2003.
USAID HIV/AIDS Country Profile
A description of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in selected countries, the national response, and USAID programs and support. [PDF, 234K]
WHO HIV/AIDS Treatment Scale-Up Summary Country Profile
A summary of current antiretroviral therapy coverage and resource requirements for scaling up treatment in countries receiving support under the WHO's "3 by 5" treatment initiative. 2005. [PDF, 118K]
Health and Development Profiles
CIA World Factbook
Extensive data over a range of fields, including geography, population, government, the economy, the military, and communications.
Population Reference Bureau Country Profile
Key demographic, health, and development indicators, selected reports and articles, and links.
UNICEF Country Tables
Statistics in the areas of population, mortality, general and reproductive health, and education.
U.S. Department of State, Malawi: Background Note
Site features fact sheet and overview of Malawi's geography, history, political conditions, and economy, with link to press briefings.
WHO Country Profile
Links to tables containing general health indicators, country profiles on specific diseases, and selected health-related documents. Also in Spanish and French.
Guidelines and Best Practices
Guidelines for the Use of Antiretroviral Therapy in Malawi
Ministry of Health and Population, Malawi, October 2003. [PDF, 430K]
Best Practice: HIV-TB Services in Malawi
World Health Organization (WHO), Ministry of Health, Malawi, November 2005. [PDF, 147K]
Surveys and Assessments
Concurrent Sexual Partnerships and HIV Infection: Evidence from National Population-Based Surveys
Mishra V and Bignami-Van Assche S. Demographic and Health Surveys, UNAIDS, March 2009. [PDF, 576K]
Malawi Demographic and Health Survey 2009
September 2009-December 2009. National Statistics Office, ongoing. See also Malawi DHS 2004.
Behavioral Surveillance Survey--Malawi 2004
Malawi National AIDS Commission, Family Health International, 2004. [PDF, 1.2MB]
Policy Reports and Papers
Nutrition Care and Support of People Living with HIV in Countries in Francophone Africa: Progress, Experience, and Lessons Learned
Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA-2), UNICEF, USAID, March 2009. [PDF, 674K] In French
Protecting the Next Generation in Sub-Saharan Africa: Learning from Adolescents to Prevent HIV and Unintended Pregnancy
Ann E. Biddlecom, Laura Hessburg, Susheela Singh, et al. Guttmacher Institute, 2007. [PDF, 3.84MB]
Report Card on HIV Prevention for Girls and Young Women
United Nations Population Fund and the International Planned Parenthood Federation, 2007. [PDF, 316K]
National HIV/AIDS Policy: A Call for Renewed Action
National AIDS Commission, October 2003. [PDF, 118K]
Equity in Health Sector Responses to HIV/AIDS in Malawi
Julia Kemp, Jean Marion Aitken, Sarah LeGrand, Biziwick Mwale. Regional Network for Equity in Health in Southern Africa (EQUINET), Oxfam, August 2003. [PDF, 1.4MB]
The Lighthouse: A Centre for Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Treatment and Care in Malawi Case Study
Sam Phiri, Ralf Weigel, Mina Housseinipour, Matt Boxshall, Florian Neuhann. World Health Organization, 2003. [PDF, 1.9MB]
Journal Articles
Population-level reduction in adult mortality after extension of free antiretroviral therapy provision into rural areas in northern Malawi
Floyd S, Molesworth A, Dube A, Banda E, Jahn A, Mwafulirwa C, Ngwira B, Branson K, Crampin AC, Zaba B, Glynn JR, French N. PLoS One. 2010; 5:Number, e13499. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Effects of a mobile phone short message service on antiretroviral treatment adherence in Kenya (WelTel Kenya1): a randomized trial
Lester RT, Ritvo P, Mills EJ, et al. Lancet. 2010;376:1838-1845. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Knowledge of HIV status, sexual risk behaviors and contraceptive need among people living with HIV in Kenya and Malawi
Anand A, Shiraishi RW, Bunnell RE, et al. AIDS. 2009 Jun 17. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
HIV Prevalence, Risks for HIV Infection, and Human Rights among Men Who Have Sex with Men in Malawi, Namibia, and Botswana
Stefan Baral, Gift Trapence, Felistus Motimedi, et al. April 2009; PLoS ONE 4(3): e4997.
A public health approach to rapid scale-up of antiretroviral treatment in Malawi during 2004-2006
Lowrance DW, Makombe S, Harries AD, et al. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2008 Nov; 49(3):287-93. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Use of antenatal clinic surveillance to assess the effect of sexual behavior on HIV prevalence in young women in Karonga District, Malawi
Crampin AC, Jahn A, Kondowe M, Ngwira BM, Hemmings J, Glynn JR, et al. J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr. 2008;48:196-202. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Population-level effect of HIV on adult mortality and early evidence of reversal after introduction of antiretroviral therapy in Malawi
Jahn A , Floyd S , Crampin A, et al. The Lancet. 2008 May 10;371(9624):1603-11.
Prevention of mother-to-child transmission: program changes and the effect on uptake of the HIVNET 012 regimen in Malawi
Moses A, Zimba C, Kamanga E, Nkhoma J, Maida A, Martinson F, et al. AIDS 2008 Jan 2;22(1):83-7. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Sexual network structure and the spread of HIV in Africa: evidence from Likoma Island, Malawi
Helleringer S, Kohler HP. AIDS. 2007 Nov 12;21(17):2323-32. Includes commentary from the UCSF Institute for Global Health.
Research Summaries
VCT Events: Country Case Studies in Malawi, Ethiopia, and Brazil
Goldberg A, Kombe G. Abt Associates, Inc., World Health Organization (WHO), January 2008. [PDF, 450K]
Protecting the Next Generation in Malawi: New Evidence on Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Needs
Wittenberg J, Munthali A, Moore A, et al. Guttmacher Institute, 2007. [PDF, 1.6MB]
Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health in Malawi: A Synthesis of Research Evidence
Alister C. Munthali, Agnes Chimbiri, Eliya Zulu. The Alan Guttmacher Institute, December 2004. [PDF, 460K]
Voices for Equality and Dignity: Qualitative Research on Stigma and Discrimination Issues as They Affect PLWHA in Malawi
Malawi Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, July 18, 2003. [PDF, 177K]
Presentations, Interviews, and Roundtable Discussions
The Impact of Routine Counseling and Testing with an Opt-Out Strategy Compared to Voluntary Counseling and Testing in the Implementation of PMTCT Services in Lilongwe, Malawi
Zimba C, Kamanga E , Chilongozi D, et al. XVI International AIDS Conference, August 16, 2008. [Slide Presentation, 769K]
National Scaling up of ARV therapy in Malawi
Makombe S, Harries A, Libamba E, Schouten E. Ministry of Health, Malawi, June 2005. [Slide Presentation, 111K]
HIV InSite Interview with Benkong Shin (Harold Lemke)
Laurence Peiperl, October 2004. Interview with Benkong Shin (Harold Lemke) about his experiences setting up AIDS treatment and support services in Malawi and South Africa.
Program Management Materials
Nutrition, Food Security and HIV: A Compendium of Promising Practices
Castleman T, Mwadime R. Regional Centre for Quality of Health Care, Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance (FANTA) Project, October 2008. [PDF, 300K]
Life Skills Education: Primary School Teaching Syllabus
Ministry of Education, Republic of Malawi, August 2000. [PDF, 6.9MB]
National Organizations
Ministry of Health and Population
Site provides statistics on health service access, an outline of Malawi's current Plan of Action, and a listing of governmental health institutions.
National Statistical Office
Provides recent statistics in the areas of reproduction, poverty, child mortality, seroprevalence, and nutrition.
Hope for African Children Initiative
Community-based effort for children orphaned by AIDS or whose parents are ill or dying of AIDS-related causes.
Kam'mwamba AIDS Supportive, Orphan Care and Community Development Organization, (KASOCO)
A community based organization responding to the HIV pandemic in Malawi.
Malawi Project
This American organization fortifies Malawi's health and HIV/AIDS care network by providing medical treatment and distributing supplies and literature. Site details current projects.
Open Arms Orphanage
Site features a summary of services and orphans' personal testimonies.
Malawi Network of People Living with HIV / AIDS
This organization promotes effective networking among associations and support groups of PLWHA and their collaborators.
Malawi Social Science and HIV/AIDS (MaSoSHA)
This research database facilitates free, publicly accessible research of HIV/AIDS in Malawi.
Research Institutions
University of Malawi
Provides an overview of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment curricula for the colleges of Medicine, Health Sciences, Nursing, and Social Research.
International Organizations
Summarizes national socioeconomic and health indicators. Lists long-term agricultural and healthcare projects.
Friends of Malawi
Aims to fortify cultural and commercial links between Malawi and the U.S. by providing links to international and local outreach organizations based in Malawi, national newspapers, and directories.
German Technical Corporation (GTZ)
In bilateral partnership with the Malawian government, GTZ provides technical assistance for democratic decentralization, health, and basic education.
Global AIDS Interfaith Alliance
A nonprofit organization focusing on using African religious networks as a way to distribute antiretroviral drugs to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV.
Horizons Project/ Population Council
Organization conducts research on population control with link to Demographic Health Survey. Analyzes the demographic spread of ideas on family size and disease prevention.
Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)/Doctors Without Borders
An international medical aid network that offers HIV prevention and treatmetn services. In Thyolo and Chiradzulu, MSF provides antiretroviral medications, including Nevirapine, which helps reduce mother-to-child HIV transmission.
The Pendulum Project
A U.S.-based NGO that provides support for community-based groups assisting children in Malawi.
UNDP Malawi Page
Organization fosters community empowerment through sustainable livelihoods projects. Site features links to socioeconomic reports on the impact of HIV/AIDS in Malawi.
USAID Malawi Page
USAID emphasizes market-based economic growth and democracy as mediums for development. Site features descriptions of local and national projects, links to annual reports and related publications.
World Medical Fund
Provides information on organizaiton's Malawi project which targets school-age children to reduce sexual transmission of HIV.
World Vision
Summarizes impediments to food security, health, and education and attending development projects.