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Cases from the Clinic 2010
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Cases from the Clinic 2010
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My Thanks
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Catalogue of Maladies
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Breast Enlargement
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Next Steps
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D, let's get more info
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Breast Enlargement DDx
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Examination for Gynecomastia
Slide 8.
Conditions Associated with Gynecomastia
Slide 9.
Drugs Associated with Gynecomastia
Slide 10.
Med List
Slide 11.
Meds/Conditions that our Patient Has That Can Cause Gynecomastia or Lipomastia
Slide 12.
Efavirenz Associated Gynecomastia
Slide 13.
Our Patient with Breast Enlargement
Slide 14.
Tale of 2 Utoxs
Slide 15.
Prevalence of Pain in HIV/AIDS
Slide 16.
Utox #1
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His Utox is positive for methamphetamine and amphetamines, You conclude that:
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Utox and Dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine) Answer B
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What if he was taking?
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Frida Kahlo lived much of her life in pain and underwent a number of spinal surgeries
Slide 22.
A pt of yours with chronic pain
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His Utox Report
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Based on his Utox that shows positive for morphine, opiates and codeine you conclude that:
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Interpretation of Urine Drug Testing, San Francisco General Hospital Toxicology Laboratory Opiate Metabolism
Slide 26.
A Rash Decision
Slide 27.
Plan to Start New Meds
Slide 28.
Summary of Resistance Mutations Observed
Slide 29.
A Rash Decision
Slide 30.
Advantages of Cell Phone Technology
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Slide 32.
Slide 33.
What About His Rash?
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Answer B is most likely -- DUET Trial Adverse Events
Slide 36.
Rash in DUET
Slide 37.
9/24/2010 Co-receptor Tropism Assay
Slide 38.
Next Steps
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Sulfonamide Allergy and Cross-Reactivity
Slide 40.
Sulfonamide meds are classified into 3 general groups based on their structure
Slide 41.
Sulfonamide Allergy and Cross-Reactivity-2
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It Takes a Village
Slide 43.
Urgent Care Visit
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Next Steps
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German Village study*
Slide 47.
Risk Factors for Abscesses
Slide 48.
Successful Eradication of SA Abscesses in a German Village with Stringent Decolonization
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What Was Done
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Rifabutin Drug Interactions
Slide 51.
Table 3. Recommendations for Coadministering Antiretroviral Drugs with RIFABUTIN - 2007
Slide 51.
Interaction Report from
Slide 51.
Recommended Rifabutin Dose May Be Inadequate for TB
Slide 54.
Clinical Infectious Diseases 2009;48:1471-1474
Slide 55.
3 People Who Can't Take Their Meds
Slide 56.
Can't or Won't Take Their Meds
Slide 57.
CD4 and VL
Slide 58.
Not Taking
Slide 59.
Slide 60.
Prevalence of Neurocognitive Impairment in Current Treatment Era
Slide 61.
Low CD4+ Count Nadir Associated With HIV-Associated Neurocognitive Disorders
Slide 62.
More on HIV and Aging
Slide 63.
Second Adherence Case
Slide 64.
Slide 65.
3rd Person Not Taking Her Meds
Slide 66.
Like Poison
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Posttest and evaluation

We request that all users complete the brief posttest and evaluation to provide feedback to course planners and presenters. Those requesting CME credit are required to complete all components to receive credit. Begin with the posttest.