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HIV Prevention in San Francisco: Where Do We Go from Here?
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HIV Prevention in San Francisco: Where Do We Go from Here?
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What's Changing?
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HIV Incidence, United States
Slide 4.
HIV Prevalence, Selected Regions and Subgroups
Slide 5.
San Francisco's Endemics
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Prevention Indicators, San Francisco
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Prevention Indicators, San Francisco
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SFDPH HIV Prevention Section Core Functions
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The Planning Cycle
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HIV Prevention 2010: From the Plan to Practice
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National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States
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National HIV/AIDS Strategy for the United States
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Transmission Rate: Measure of Annual Transmissions in Relation to HIV Prevalence
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Calculated HIV Reproductive Rate at Various Transmission Rates and Levels of Years of Post-infection Life Expectancy
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Estimated HIV Transmission Rates, San Francisco, 2006-2008
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New Directions for SF HIV Prevention
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Our Approach
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...with Increasing Emphasis on Testing and Treatment Outcomes
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Community-Level Harm Reduction
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Plan Focus Area #1: HIV Status Awareness
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A New HIV Diagnosis Reduces Risk Behavior
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The Need for More HIV Testing among High-risk Groups in SF
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Testing in Social Networks: The Black Men Testing Project
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Detection of New HIV Infections: High-risk Sites
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Ongoing and Upcoming Testing Research, HIV Prevention Section
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What is the Role of Pre-test Counseling? Project Aware
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Plan Focus Area #2: Prevention with Positives (PWP)
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ART and HIV-1 Transmission
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We Are Doing Well, but We Can Do Better...
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Behavioral Model for Vulnerable Populations
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Risk Changes
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HIV Intervention for Providers Study: A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Clinician-Delivered HIV Risk-Reduction Intervention for HIV-Positive People
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Plan Focus Area #3: Drivers of HIV
Slide 35.
MSM Trends in Substance Use, San Francisco
Slide 36.
Meta-analysis of Behavioral Interventions for methamphetamine Use
Slide 37.
Can We Find A Drug to Treat Methamphetamine Dependence?
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Plan Focus Area #4: Structural Change
Slide 39.
Outcomes of SF Partner Services, 2004-2008
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PrEP Issues
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New Programmatic Grants to Implement the National HIV/AIDS Strategy
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SFDPH Comprehensive HIV Prevention, Care, Treatment, Surveillance, Research & Evaluation System
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