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Clinical Case Conference: Liver Disease and an Oral Lesion
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SFGH/UCSF HIV Grand Rounds Presention
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CC: Progressive Weakness and Abdominal Pain
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HPI (continued)
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HPI (continued)
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Additional labs from 2012 work-up in India
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SFGH Admission Labs
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Abdominal Imaging
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Hospital Course
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Hospital Course
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Liver Biopsy
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Liver Biopsy - Reticulin Stain
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What is the most likely etiology of this patient's portal hypertension?
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Diagnostic Approach
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Noncirrhotic Portal Hypertension
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Schistosomiasis & HIV
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Schistosomiasis & NCPH
Slide 20.
Idiopathic NCPH
Slide 21.
Proposed etiology of Idiopathic NCPH
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Association of Noncirrhotic Portal Hypertension in HIV-Infected Persons and Antiretroviral Therapy with Didanosine: A Nested Case-Control Study
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Didanosine-related Liver Pathology
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What do you tell patients for a low-carb diet?
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Back to our case...
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What is the most likely etiology of this patient's loculated ascites/peritonitis?
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Our Patient
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TB Peritonitis
Slide 30.
TB Peritonitis
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Table 1. Comparison of patients who survived and patients who died of tuberculous peritonitis
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Substituting Moxifloxacin for INH during intense phase of TB Rx
Slide 33.
MDR TB & East Africa
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Rifampin & Integrase Inhibitors
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Clinical follow-up
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Case 2
Slide 37.
Case 2
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What is your ddx for this oral lesion?
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Case 2
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Thank you!
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