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What's New in HIV Prevention?
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What's New in HIV Prevention?
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Financial Relationships With Commercial Entities
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Will Our Prevention Tools Stop New HIV Infections?
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HIV Epidemiology: Populations at HIV Risk
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Diagnoses of HIV Infection among Adult and Adolescent Males, by Transmission Category, 2010-2014 United States and 6 Dependent Areas
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Diagnoses of HIV Infection among Men Who Have Sex with Men, by Age Group, 2010-2014-United States and 6 Dependent Areas
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Diagnoses of HIV Infection among Men Who Have Sex with Men Aged 13-24 Years, by Race/Ethnicity, 2010-2014 United States and 6 Dependent Areas
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New HIV Diagnoses per 100,000 population by race/ethnicity
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In 2013, who had a greater number of new HIV diagnoses, the young or the old(er!)?
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The Aging HIV Epidemic in the US, 2013
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Number of New HIV Diagnoses by Age
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Where are new infections coming from?
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HIV in Heterosexuals in the US
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Poverty may explain some racial/ethnic differences
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Summary of Epidemiology
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Effectiveness of ARVs for Prevention
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Treatment as Prevention: HPTN 052
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Potential transmission among treated patients
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Serodiscordant Couples
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Clinical Trial Evidence for HIV Prevention Options (February 2016)
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PrEP Works if You Take It - Effectiveness and Adherence in Trials of Oral and Topical Tenofovir-Based Prevention
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Vaginal microbial dysbiosis
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Tenofovir gel effective against HIV with Lactobacillus dominance
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Tenofovir is rapidly depleted by Gardnerella but not Lactobacillus
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Need high levels of adherence to protect against injection exposure? Bangkok TDF Study in PWID
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TDF/FTC PrEP Effectiveness for MSM
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PrEP as a bridge to ART
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HIV incidence
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How would you advise an HIV "sero-different" couple about condom use?
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Condom Effectiveness
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Summary of Effectiveness
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Coverage of ART and PrEP
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Persons Living with Diagnosed or Undiagnosed HIV Infection HIV Care Continuum Outcomes, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012
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Unique Individuals Starting FTC/TDF for PrEP in US, 2012 to 2015 (by quarter) from pharmacy database
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Age of Individuals Starting FTC/TDF for PrEP in US 2012-2015
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BUT: Not reaching disproportionately affected populations in US
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Top 20 US Cities with FTC/TDF for PrEP Use in 2015 (January to December)
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PrEP use among HIV-negative MSM at SF City Clinic (SFCC) and city-wide estimates
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Racial disparities in PrEP use among MSM, SF 2014 and 2016
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Crude, preliminary PrEP cascade for MSM in SF
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Summary of Coverage
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Adherence, Persistence
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Adherence and persistence are poor for many meds
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PrEP Use Over Time in the SF Demo Project
Slide 44.
PrEP Persistence, SF COPC clinics
Slide 45.
HPTN 073 Study Design
Slide 46.
HIV Seroconversions
Slide 47.
SATN 113: Daily Oral TDF/FTC as PrEP for Adolescent MSM in US
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Adherence: TFV-DP (fmol/punch) via DBS w/Dosing Estimates
Slide 49.
A Lexicon of Intermittent PrEP J. McConnell/AVAC
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Have you prescribed PrEP, and if so, how do you prescribe it? (Choose highest one)
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Seasons of Risk: MSM in MACS over 8 Years
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IPERGAY : Sex-Driven iPrEP
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HIV Incidence (mITT Analysis)
Slide 54.
PK/PD Simulation of PrEP Efficacy in Rectal Tissue Using the IPERGAY Dosing Regimen
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Proportion of population achieving EC90 level of protection# doses per week
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When are MSM protected from HIV with TDF/FTC?
Slide 57.
Planning for the pre-event dose US online survey, 1013 MSM
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MSM Behavior: Intermittent PrEP is not for everyone
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Problems: Cost
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Impact on Proportion of Infections Averted PrEP Coverage vs. Adherence
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Adherence is Most Important for NNT
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Testing the hypothesis that treatment can eliminate HIV: a nationwide, population-based study of the Danish HIV epidemic in men who have sex with men
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Comparing Denmark and SF
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The Future
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MTN-020/ASPIRE: Dapivirine Vaginal Ring for HIV Prevention in Women
Slide 66.
MTN-020/ASPIRE Subcohort: Adherence vs HIV Protection 3 Mos Before Detection
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The Pharmacokinetic (PK) Tail
Slide 68.
Resistance after Single 300mg Dose of RPV LA
Slide 69.
Persistence of RPV
Slide 70.
CABOTEGRAVIR: GSK126744 Long Acting (744LA)
Slide 71.
HPTN 083: Efficacy of injectable cabotegravir (CAB) for PrEP in MSM and transgender women
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HIV Vaccines
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The impact of vaccination on the health of the world's peoples is hard to exaggerate. With the exception of safe water, no other modality has had such a major effect on mortality reduction and population growth
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Evidence of an early protective effect
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Antibodies Teach Us About HIV Vaccine Development
Slide 76.
Neutralizing Ab to HIV-1
Slide 77.
VRC01 Blocks Attachment to CD4
Slide 78.
VRC01 Protects Against Mucosal SHIV-Challenge in Non-Human Primates
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The AMP Studies: Highlights
Slide 80.
New PrEP Agents: Summary
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Medical progress
Slide 82.
10 years before the licensed, highly effective polio vaccine
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