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Equality and Parity II: A Statewide Action for Transgender HIV Prevention and Care
Equality and Parity II

We Count Produced by Geovanni Lopez,, and presented at Equality and Parity II, January 26-28, 2009.
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Partial Conference Proceedings
Plenary I: Keynote Address
Valerie Spencer
Plenary II: Center of Excellence in Transgender HIV Prevention and Care
JoAnne Keatley
James Rouse Iñiguez
Bamby Salecedo
Lydia Sausa
Jae Sevelius
Tiffany Woods
Plenary III: Latino/a Transgender HIV Prevention and Care Perspectives, Moderator: Maria Roman
Brenda Gonzalez
Margarita Manduley
Closing Plenary: Transgender Youth
Sethesha, Jennifer, Chelsi, Miguel and RiKu (moderator)
Breakout Sessions
Sexism and Sexualization of MTF Transgenderism
Julia Serano
La Comunidad Transgenero Latina Viviendo con VIH (Revelar o no Revelar)
Jessica Alvarez
Make It Work! Addressing Challenges
Luis Gutierrez-Mock, M.A.
Yavanté Thomas-Guess
Good Jobs NOW
Clair Farley
Davey Shlasko
Medical Ethics and Evidence-Based Transgender Medicine
Nick Gorton, MD
HIV-Related Risk Behaviors and TG MSM
Jae Sevelius, PhD
Life on the Line
Tara Borelli