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Multiple and Extensively Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis (M & XDR TB) and HIV
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Gerald Friedland
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Multiple Drug Resistant MDR TB First-Line TB Drugs
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Extensively Drug Resistant XDR TB Second-Line Drugs
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Worldwide Emergence of XDR TB, 2000-4
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Global Estimates
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Countries with XDR-TB Confirmed cases
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49 cases XDR TB in US 1993-2006
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KwaZuluNatal-Tugela Ferry-2001-2005
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Tugela Ferry
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Medical Setting-COSH
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Outcomes in TB/HIV Integration Study-12 mos
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Outcomes in TB/HIV Integration Study-12 mos
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XDR TB Patient Characteristics (n=53)
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Nosocomial Transmission of XDR TB
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Hospital Acquired XDR-TB
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Further Support for Nosocomial Transmission and Exogenous Superinfection
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Updated Figures from Tugela Ferry
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Is MDR & XDR TB Widespread in South Africa and Beyond?
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Cumulative Number of Health Care Facilities with >= 1 Case of XDR-TB
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Evolution of Drug Resistance in KZN Strain Family
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Etiology of XDR TB Epidemic in KwaZuluNatal
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Future Projections Tugela Ferry (2007-2012)
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What Can Be Done in the Short Term to Reduce the Impact of XDR TB Epidemic?
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XDR TB Cases Averted over the Next Five Years
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Efficacy of Rapidly Available Strategies to Reduce Nosocomial Transmission
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M/XDR TB Is A Wake Up Call
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TF CARES Tugela Ferry Care and Research Collaboration
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HIV-related MDR-TB Outbreaks in Industrialized Countries, 1988-1995
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The KZN Strain
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The KZN Strain IS 6110 Fingerprint
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Sequential Spoligotypes from Patient Developing XDR TB SpoIDB4 Shared-Type (ST) Classifications
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Genotyping of M/XDR Isolates from Tugela Ferry
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Adhesion to and Invasion of A549 Cells by Different Strains of M.Tuberculosis
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Survival of Different Strains of M.Tuberculosis in Whole Human Blood
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KZN Strain
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MDR/XDR TB Two Case Studies
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Two Case Studies MDR/XDR TB
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Natural Ventilation for the Prevention of Airborn Contagion
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Old Fashioned vs. Modern Facilities: ACH, Absolute Ventilation, Risk of TB Infection
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Susceptibility Pattern
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Reinfection with XDR TB
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Exogenous Re-Infection
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